355 sq ft apartment transformed into an innovative micro-home

AODA - Taipei, Taiwan

The city of Taipei, Taiwan, is experiencing a shift in the customization of living spaces to meet individual needs. A notable example of this trend is the recent renovation by the local interior design firm AODA. Tasked with revamping a modest 355-square-foot (33 sqm) apartment, AODA embraced the challenge of creating a functional and visually appealing space for a single professional woman who often works from home.

“In Taiwan, the demand for small space living is increasing, due to changes in cities and our family structures being different from before,” states Anny Hong, co-founder of AODA. “Living in small spaces, we still want to improve the quality of life, so in terms of design, I think we need to be more innovative than before.”

Located in a modern high-rise building in Taipei’s Wenshan district, known for its blend of tradition and greenery, the apartment initially presented an open layout with few partitions. AODA approached the project with a focus on preserving the existing windows, which offer stunning views of a nearby mountain – a crucial consideration for the client.

The redesign boasts an open-plan living area that seamlessly combines sitting, dining, and workspace functionalities. A navy blue-painted curved wall softens the edges of the entertainment center, while a floating shelf enhances the sense of floor space.

Moving further into the apartment, the home introduces a Japanese-inspired sliding screen door to separate public and private areas. An innovative sleeping loft cleverly conceals a book collection when moved aside. The entrance area maximizes storage through rattan-covered cabinets and mirrored elements, creating an illusion of extended space.

The home is jam-packed with space-saving furniture including a convertible coffee table and a mobile office desk behind the sofa. This design caters to the client’s varied needs and accommodates her work needs and home workouts.

The kitchen, separated by an island, reflects the client’s love for cooking, featuring ample storage, two ovens, a dishwasher, and a full-sized refrigerator. An extensive renovation of the bathroom raised the ceiling and introduced additional storage solutions. The vertical division between the lower walk-in closet and the upper level, accessible via a sleek metal staircase, showcases a thoughtful approach to design in the context of Taiwan’s evolving living dynamics.

“This micro-apartment stands as a testament to the necessity of innovative design, catering to evolving demographics and a future characterized by smaller households,” says Hong.


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