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A Room of Possibilities: Ikea’s Robotic Solution

Ori - Robotic Furniture, IKEA

Ikea’s newest collaboration indicates that the future is not just electronic, it’s robotic. Working in tandem with MIT media lab students and designer Yves Behar, the Rognan furniture model is the next step in urban living.

Rognan, built with an American startup, Ori, has the ability to change the arrangement of a room, transforming it from an office, to a closet, to a bedroom all with a simple interface. Ori is a seasoned champion of innovation, bringing sustainable robotic furniture to the USA on a smaller scale. Now, working with the largest furniture company in the world, the possibilities are endless. In every city, a room is more than just a room. Depending on the time of day, circumstance, and occasion, a room, with the right design, can cater to the necessity with little effort required. Or it should, in theory.

Ikea’s commitment to sustainability, both in material and design, has been seen in the last few years as a reaction to the modern urbania we find ourselves in. However, with Rognan, there is no generalised mode. Each form, function, and price of this technology is based on the customer.

What makes this project particularly special is that it embraces the all-in-one mindset of modernity in a new way. Typically, with Ikea’s multi-use furniture, its uses are still within the parameters of its basic function. For instance, the Hemnes day bed serves as a storage unit, sofa, and bed. These are all interior design aspects of a living room. But the beauty of Rognan is bringing a living room, with a dining room, and a bedroom all in one package, assembled and disassembled without human help.

As urban communities become more crowded and the rate of apartment hopping grows, it is technology like this that reminds us that a room is what we make it; we don’t need to bulk down a space to prove it is something. We can save room, money, and time by keeping it in one cohesive design, under a simple tap of a button.


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