An ambitious tiny living project comes out of Linz, Austria

Andrea Hörndler and Hannes Wizany - Austria

Andrea Hörndler and Hannes Wizany, lifestyle bloggers from Austria, are trailblazers in the world of DIY housing. They are on a mission to merge eco-friendly living with clever design to create a sustainable forever home. Recently, they stumbled upon a charming plot of land near the town of Linz. Determined to minimize impact on the ground, they opted for a “floating” living space. Their vision included a strict size limit of no more than 100 sqm. This size constraint led them to build a structure on stilts, resembling a “living box” primarily crafted from wood sourced from sustainable Austrian forests. Complementing the wooden frame is a support structure made from recycled steel, adding to the eco-friendly allure of the project.

A standout feature of their endeavor is meticulous documentation. Through their blog “Place to be,” Hörndler and Wizany provide a detailed account of the construction process, allowing both their loyal followers and newcomers to track the project’s evolution. Notably, the use of ceramic tiles plays a pivotal role in the house’s interior design. Agrob Buchtal, the company behind these sustainable products, incorporates an innovative Hytect surface into their tiles. This surface boasts numerous benefits, including antibacterial properties without the need for chemicals, odor neutralization, and easy-to-clean surfaces. The manufacturing process involves photocatalysis, where titanium dioxide is baked into the glaze of the ceramic tiles. This catalyst, when exposed to light, triggers a reaction between light, oxygen, and air humidity, producing active oxygen that helps eliminate odors and air pollutants, particularly in spaces like the kitchen.

Drawing inspiration from the iconic tile claddings found in metro stations of major cities such as Paris and London, these tiles represent one of the most sustainable options for floor and wall coverings available today. In their tiny project, the tiles adorn the bathroom and kitchen, serving as subtle reminders of the marriage between ecological building practices and aesthetic design. They strike a delicate balance between functionality and visual appeal in the home.

Agrob Buchtal