Chasing the Northern Lights at Lapland’s glass resort

Glass Resort - Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland

The vastness of the arctic terrain is best viewed without limitation; marrying the rugged with the at times peaceful nature of the elements. The Glass Resort, located in Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland, has been realized by architect Paolo Caravello of VOID Architecture in partnership with Finnish builder Honkatalot. This project aims to honor the original living designs of the indigenous Sami people, who are nomadic reindeer hunters with a distinct living style while also offering travelers a once in a lifetime experience to appreciate the northern lights.

This cluster of glassed-roof cabins remind us of its context throughout, carefully considered in the decagon-shaped floor plan, allowing for a more spacious interior, whilst the main window acts as a feature wall, rising up from the ground to bring a sense of closeness to surrounding snow-capped landscape. Building with this context, each tiny dwelling has been specifically designed to capture the spectacular Aurora Borealis from every room, including from the comfort of your bed.

The marvel of this project is embedded in its modern structure, with double-glazed glass that serves as a focal point for the viewer, allowing for a richer view from within and a distinctive appearance from the outside. Beginning from the base of the structure and stretching to the ceiling, the main window shapes the structure and boasts an ode to the ‘kota’ huts of the Sami people.

The 40 square meter (430 sq ft) glass apartments merge materials, reemphasizing the historical context of its inspiration. Wooden panels echo the traditional materials of the Lappish hut design, whilst strategically positioned with the steel cut of the windows, which brings a sense of history. This is also an example of great tiny house design, communicating the essence of this project in a compact space.

Stepping indoors, the angles of the structure creates a clever use of space, with furniture that makes use of wood and bold, plush printing. Bedrooms are masked with a ceiling window, reaching the highest point of the structure. During the day, the apartment’s interior, with its moody, cool/warm tones, balances the white of the pristine snow and the deep surrounding forest.

Steel steps lead downwards from the elevated bedroom to the ground floor, where the kitchen, living room, and dining set work in unison to create a 360 degree experience, bringing new meaning to the ‘open floor plan’. Each cabin also features a luxury modern bathroom, equipped with its own sauna and access to a private outdoor jacuzzi, ideal for stargazing and getting a glimpse of the northern lights under the naked sky.

This unique resort is part of the Snowman World Glass Resort, which includes sights like Santa Claus Village, Ice Restaurant and Bar, and Santa Claus Office. With plenty of activities to keep you busy during the day, the Glass Resort offers overnight accommodation in the Superior Glass Apartment, including buffet breakfast for 549 euros (approx. US$620). Each apartment can hold up to four guests. The resort will be open from September 2023 until April 2024.

The Glass Resort

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