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Crafting wellness: custom tiny home for active living

The Trahan - Fritz Tiny Homes, Canada

Fritz Tiny Homes has unveiled their latest tiny house on wheels – The Trahan, a bespoke tiny home meticulously crafted for a client deeply invested in health and wellness. Slightly larger than its predecessor, The Trahan stands at 32’ x 8.5’ x 13.5’ and seamlessly fuses the aesthetics of an A-frame cabin with the sophistication of a mid-century modern mansion.

Upon entering The Trahan, an abundance of natural light greets visitors, illuminating a bright white kitchen adorned with custom walnut cabinetry and striking concrete countertops. The focal point is the A-frame window to the left, boasting a sweeping 12’ ceiling pitch and a luxurious green velvet couch. A glance to the right reveals the loft, micro gym, and a fully equipped bathroom and laundry, showcasing intentional living in a compact space.

The Trahan is designed for an active lifestyle enthusiast and ingeniously integrates functionality. The living room transforms into a serene yoga studio within its 8×8 space, with custom cabinetry replacing the legs under the green velvet couch. This versatile space unfolds to provide extra sleeping and dining accommodations for up to six, complete with hidden fold-out tables.

A vertical grain fir ceiling, milled entirely by Fritz Tiny Homes, extends from the roofline to the A-frame window, creating a seamless connection with the outdoors. The office/eat-in area, featuring custom concrete countertops by Phoenix Concrete, boasts integrated overhead lighting and concealed storage, complemented by a Blauberg Vento ERV ventilation system for optimal air quality.

Customization is at the heart of Fritz Tiny Homes, evident in the front entrance walnut cabinetry that cleverly conceals the wheel well. The utility closet houses an IBC Combi Boiler for on-demand hot water and hydronics for in-floor heating, alongside the electric panel and master switches.

Journeying through The Trahan, visitors will discover a micro gym with a walnut coffer ceiling and a Peloton bike, offering a unique workout experience. Adjacent to the gym, a spa-like bathroom incorporates lightweight concrete tile, blending walnut, concrete, and brass fixtures with an artistic touch.

In-floor heating throughout ensures a cozy experience, while the Trahan’s thoughtful design and custom features tell a story of purpose and intention. Fritz Tiny Homes takes pride in delivering a home that not only captivates but also seamlessly supports the client’s lifestyle of yoga, movement, health, and wellness. The Trahan stands as a testament to the harmonious marriage of bespoke design and well-being.

Fritz Tiny Homes

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