Elevated elegance: spectacular cabin soars above wilderness

m.o.r.e Cabin – Quebec

Perched high above the breathtaking Quebec wilderness, the m.o.r.e Cabin stands as a testament to innovative design and environmental stewardship. Crafted by Kariouk Architects, this cantilevered cliff-face home defies convention, soaring above the treetops on a towering steel mast, blending seamlessly with its natural surroundings.
The ingenious concept behind the m.o.r.e Cabin was born out of necessity and ingenuity. Facing stringent building regulations requiring a considerable setback from the lake shore, the architects ingeniously integrated the home within an existing cliff face. By floating the cabin atop a single steel mast, they not only minimized its footprint but also preserved the pristine landscape, sidestepping the need for disruptive excavation or blasting.

Built with a foldable structure design, the m.o.r.e Cabin showcases the potential of cross-laminated timber (CLT) panels in architectural innovation. Utilizing slim 3-ply CLT panels strategically folded to enhance structural integrity, the architects achieved a remarkable feat of engineering. This approach not only reduced construction waste but also minimized environmental impact, demonstrating a thoughtful and sustainable approach to design.
Inside, the cabin offers a harmonious blend of comfort and functionality. Two double bedrooms, a central bathroom, and a modern kitchen, living, and dining area span its impressive length. The open-plan layout, accentuated by floor-to-ceiling windows, floods the interior with natural light, while maximizing airflow and energy efficiency. Moreover, the integration of rooftop solar panels and a high-efficiency wood stove ensures off-grid living without compromising on comfort.

Beyond its architectural brilliance, the m.o.r.e Cabin embodies a commitment to ecological conservation. Protected by the surrounding treetop canopy during summer and bathed in sunlight during winter, the cabin adapts seamlessly to seasonal changes. Moreover, its steel mast doubles as a sanctuary for endangered brown bats, underscoring the architects’ dedication to biodiversity and habitat preservation.
As a gateway to immersive wilderness experiences, the m.o.r.e Cabin offers more than just a shelter; it provides a sanctuary for both its inhabitants and the surrounding ecosystem. With its daring design and sustainable ethos, this cliff-top retreat invites us to rethink our relationship with nature and embrace a more harmonious way of living.

Kariouk Architects

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