Elevating architecture: family home suspended in the treetops

House Dokka - Snøhetta, Norway

Architectural studio Snøhetta and engineer Tor Helge Dokka have unveiled their latest architectural masterpiece nestled in Kongsberg, Norway. Introducing House Dokka, a 190-square-meter (2045 sq ft) family residence that pays homage to treehouse aesthetics, while forging a harmonious connection with nature.

This dwelling, akin to a suspended treetop sanctuary, gracefully hovers above the picturesque Norwegian landscape. Supported by robust wooden columns firmly anchored in the rock substrate, the house seamlessly integrates with its surroundings. Crafted from locally sourced cross-laminated timber (CLT) and glue-laminated timber (GLT), House Dokka stands as a paragon of eco-conscious construction. Noteworthy is the absence of any nails used during the building process.

Elevating sustainability, the residence boasts expansive photovoltaic (PV) panels atop the roof, coupled with excellent insulation and a waterborne heat system linked to a ground source heat pump. This concerted effort results in a home that, will produce more energy than it consumes. Beyond meeting its own energy needs, House Dokka generously contributes 75 percent of the power necessary to charge the family’s electric vehicle.

Externally, the dwelling is sheathed in black-stained timber paneling, seamlessly integrating the solar panels into the overall aesthetic. Internally, warmth emanates from timber paneling and polished concrete floors. Furthermore, the home frames breathtaking panoramic views through a series of large black-framed windows.

Spanning across two levels, the upper floor hosts an expansive open-plan living and dining area, a modern kitchen, a discreet bathroom, a master bedroom, and a sizable outdoor timber terrace. Meanwhile, the lower level accommodates two additional bedrooms, a lounge, a home office, a guest suite, a laundry, and a central shared bathroom.

In acknowledgment of its architectural brilliance, House Dokka, affectionately known as Collumn House, clinched the coveted 2023 Architecture Prize from the discerning Kongsberg municipality. The accolade celebrates the dwelling as “one of the most important contributions to the architecture of Kongsberg municipality and the region for many years.”


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