Escape to the extraterrestrial: a galactic glamping experience in Mexico

UFO Guadalupe - Francisco Zarco, Mexico

Ever envisioned a night under the stars within a UFO-inspired dwelling, offering sweeping vistas of a picturesque valley? Welcome to UFO Guadalupe, nestled in Francisco Zarco, Mexico, where you can immerse yourself in an extraterrestrial escapade that reconnects you with your inner self, heightens your senses, and unveils the splendor of nature.

Picture yourself unwinding in a distinctive UFO-shaped abode, harmonizing with nature while indulging in unparalleled comfort. Through 16 windows framing various awe-inspiring landscapes of the Guadalupe Valley, you’ll embrace the true serenity of rural life, enveloped by the symphony of chirping birds and whispering trees. Here, you can delve into exploration, lose yourself in a captivating book, or engage in tranquil meditation amidst nature’s allure.

Guena Guadalupe, the UFO retreat features minimalist futuristic interiors juxtaposed against verdant outdoor surroundings. From a panoramic bed overlooking the valley to a well-appointed dining area, fully-equipped kitchen, dining tables, and even a heated Jacuzzi, every aspect is designed to optimize your comfort and delight.

Nestled within a semi-arid ecosystem brimming with wildlife, UFO Guadalupe beckons you to embrace and cherish the natural environment. We recommend dressing warmly and donning comfortable footwear to relish the mild mornings, temperate evenings, and scorching days amidst this exceptional locale.
Overnight accommodation at UFO Guadalupe starts from approximately $300 per night.

UFO Guadalupe

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