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HC1 Breeze - Happier Camper, Los Angeles, USA

Happier Camper, a company based in Los Angeles, is known for its retro-styled and adaptable campers. They have recently introduced a new addition to their popular trailer line, the HC1 Breeze, which is lightweight and budget-friendly. This compact trailer is 10.5 feet long and weighs approximately 1,000 pounds when empty, making it suitable for towing with smaller vehicles. The trailer is constructed with a lightweight double-hull fiberglass and is available in two color options: “Venice Breeze,” a sunny beachside blue, and “Mammoth White,” with a glossy finish.

The HC1 Breeze has several improvements compared to its predecessors. It boasts a simplified frame for better rigidity, redesigned overhead shelves for increased storage capacity, and improved lower storage compartments that can be accessed from the sides of the benches.

One notable feature of Happier Camper’s trailers is the rear hatch of the HC1 Breeze. This hatch can be opened up to the outdoors, effectively extending the usable space to the exterior. When the trailer is empty, the rear hatch can be used to transport large items such as furniture or motorcycles, showcasing its versatility and multifunctionality.


– Built to last for generations to come
– Towable by most cars and fits in a single parking spot
– Lightest and most aerodynamic HC1 yet
– Maximum breeze with the sliding windows & rear hatch door
– Modular interior system – never static, reconfigure on the fly
– Compact yet sleeps up to 5 with the bunk bed or mega-bed
– Limited customization options available

However, the main attraction of Happier Camper’s trailers is the Adaptiv system. This system consists of cube-like modules that can be arranged in various ways to create beds, tables, chairs with built-in storage, kitchenettes with coolers and sinks, and even toilets with a dry flush mechanism. Some modules can be stacked to form bunk beds, allowing the HC1 Breeze to accommodate up to five people despite its small size. The Adaptiv system uses rotational molding for secure connections, eliminating the need for glues, screws, or rivets. The camper interior also includes outlets for water drainage and various electrical outlets to power small appliances and charge devices.

The adaptability and modularity of the Adaptiv system offer significant advantages, as users can customize the interior layout to suit their specific needs. Additionally, the Adaptiv system is universal across Happier Camper’s trailers and can also be used for the company’s pre-fabricated van conversion kit.

The HC1 Breeze is designed to be the most affordable option in Happier Camper’s lineup, with prices starting at $24,950. This makes it an attractive choice for individuals, couples, and families who are looking for a budget-friendly trailer without compromising on flexibility and quality. For more information, please visit the Happier Camper website.

Happier Camper

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