Game-changer module for van owners converts back in under 5 minutes

PlugVan – Berlin, Germany

In the world of adventure enthusiasts, the call of rugged terrain often overshadows the convenience of a flexible and easily convertible campervan. But for those who wish to have the best of both worlds, the PlugVan offers an innovative solution. This system is a game-changer for small van owners seeking to maximize their vehicles’ potential for adventure and exploration.

The PlugVan empowers you to transform your Mercedes Vito, VW T4, T5, or T6.1 into a fully equipped camper and revert it to its original state within a mere five minutes. The PlugVan Small module is the key to unlocking the potential of your regular van, effortlessly transitioning it from an everyday vehicle to an adventure-ready companion. Whether it’s a spontaneous weekend escape or a well-planned road trip, this modular system streamlines the conversion process, allowing you to seamlessly shift between daily utility and a fully equipped camper setup.

The PlugVan stands out due to its impressive versatility. It doesn’t require any modifications to your base vehicle, making it an ideal choice for van owners who value versatility without compromising their vehicles’ integrity. With its compact design, the PlugVan Small measures 200cm in length and can be adjusted from 122cm to 164cm in width. This adaptability ensures a snug and secure fit for a wide range of van models.

Firstly, the PlugVan Small offers a swiveling table for both indoor and outdoor use. This versatile feature allows you to enjoy meals inside the van or set up a cozy dining area outside, depending on your preferences and the weather conditions. The practical kitchenette is equipped with an integrated sink, allowing you to prepare meals and wash dishes with ease. The water system includes both fresh and wastewater storage, ensuring a convenient and hygienic camping experience. The PlugVan also offers an outdoor shower connection, enabling you to rinse off after a day of outdoor activities.

Storage is often a concern when it comes to camper vans, but the PlugVan Small has ample space for neatly stowing away all your road trip essentials. From camping gear to cooking utensils, there’s room for everything you need to make your adventure comfortable and organized. Additionally, 12V light strips provide a warm and cozy ambiance for your evenings spent indoors.

Comfort is not compromised in the PlugVan Small. The multifunctional design incorporates a sofa that cleverly transforms into a comfortable bed, making overnight stays a delightful experience. The dimensions of the bed are 200 cm x 120 cm, providing ample space for a good night’s sleep. For those seeking additional amenities, there’s an option for electricity storage and a solar panel, ensuring that you have power on-the-go.

Key Equipment in the PlugVan Small:

Key Equipment in the PlugVan Small:
Price: Starting from 5,880 EUR* (plus 19% VAT)
Extendable side sections for optimal adaptation to vehicle width
Comfortable sofa that converts to a bed (Dimensions: 200 cm x 120 cm)
Swiveling table for versatile indoor and outdoor use
Well-equipped kitchenette with an integrated sink
Fresh and waste water system with an outdoor shower connection
Spacious storage options
12V light strips for illumination
Electricity distribution with USB sockets
Optional cooling box and gas cartridge cooker
Availability of electricity storage and a solar panel upon request.

Affordability is one of the PlugVan Small’s most appealing aspects. Starting at a reasonable price of 5,880 EUR (plus 19% VAT), this innovative camper module opens up a world of possibilities without straining your budget. It’s a game-changer for van owners who wish to enhance their travel experiences without investing in an entirely new vehicle.

Moreover, the PlugVan Small is designed to be easily accessible to van owners. The installation process is straightforward and can be done by the owner themselves, eliminating the need for additional expenses on professional installations. The modular nature of the system ensures that it can be easily removed and transferred to another compatible vehicle if needed.


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