Garage Italia converts vintage Fiat 500 Jolly into an electric car

Icon-e - Garage Italia - Milan, Italy

Garage Italia’s project, Icon-e is set to redefine the iconic car spirit, transporting them into the modern times with a fun, usable and electrically sustainable redevelopment. The project is a reflection of Garage Italia’s updated attitude towards the car industry – celebrating the car culture by giving new life to the ‘great cars of the past’ with a sustainable edge.

“We know that people still love historic cars, but that some of those cars would be difficult to drive,” says Carlo Borromeo, Director of the Garage Italia Style Centre. “So we wanted to make those vehicles that continue to excite entire generations usable, bringing Garage Italia’s signature quality, style and philosophy.”

Icon-e is more than just reconciling the respect between tradition and modern needs, it is about reinvigorating life into ‘custom-made and creative car design.’ Model cars that mark particular eras are selected and updated with contemporary details and electrical conversion. The ‘restomod’ phenomenon, in which old and new technology is merged to match classic style with modern comfort, performance and reliability, is very much at the core of Icon-e. It places emphasis on being eco-friendly through the re-use and upcycling system.

The first car to be released in the Icon-e project is the Fiat 500 Jolly, with seasonal releases to be followed, which are currently under development. The roof and door sections of the Fiat 500 have been removed, with substantial changes being made to the windscreen, reinforcing the structure along the entire perimeter to ensure greater safety. External panels and front and rear bumpers were formed by hand. The instrument panel has been digitised, offering a 12.7xm (5in) screen and graphic interface.

Redesign focused on sustainability and quality. The seats were hand-made using woven, natural rope that was developed based on research conducted by the Baolab studio. Original front and rear lights were modernized with the inclusion of LED lamps to the front, ensuring enhanced illumination and safety whilst driving. Tyres have been selected by the Vintage line by Michelin, a partner of the Icon-e project.

For the engine heads, the engine has been replaced with an electric engine developed in collaboration with the Newtron Group; it has been flanged directly to the original gearbox. A type 2 plug is installed under the front grille, making it rechargeable. The car batteries can be completely charged within 4-8 hours, depending on the charging mode (domestic socket or eclectic column).

All in all, the Fiat 500 Jolly is a fusion between the old and new, offering car enthusiasts a custom-made design that brings new life to this iconic classic. Founded by Lapo Elkann, Garage Italia I situated in the petrol station of Piazzale Accursio, Milan, allowing it to be at the crossroad between design, luxury, art and automotive industries. It prides itself in being a “concept-to-product trend maker driven by the unchained creativity of culture in motion.”

Garage Italia

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