Geneva Motorshow showcases electric bubble car for 14 year old drivers

Microlino Lite – Micro, Italy

The automotive industry is no stranger to innovation, but Micro’s latest unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show 2024 this week pushes the boundaries of conventional design and functionality. Enter the Microlino Lite, an electric bubble car tailored for drivers as young as 14 and those without a driver’s license – a concept that challenges traditional notions of vehicular accessibility.
The Microlino Lite, a compact iteration of Micro’s popular Microlino microcar, boasts impressive features despite its diminutive size. With a top speed of 45 km/h and a range comparable to its predecessor, this electric bubble car offers a unique driving experience tailored to urban environments. Its compact design, characterized by a front frame that doubles as a door, welcomes drivers into a cozy interior equipped with two seats, a compact steering wheel, and ample space for both driver and passenger.

But beyond its quirky exterior lies a robust construction crafted from high-strength steel—a testament to Micro’s commitment to safety and durability. Visitors to the Geneva Motor Show 2024 can admire the Microlino Lite’s self-supporting body, constructed from a blend of steel and aluminum sourced from the automotive industry. A rollable sunroof adds a touch of practicality, allowing drivers to embrace the outdoors while cruising through city streets. Additionally, a generously sized trunk provides ample storage space for everyday essentials and adventure gear, making the Microlino Lite a versatile companion for urban exploration.

However, the Microlino Lite’s age requirement raises intriguing questions about its intended audience and regulatory compliance. While drivers aged 14 and above can operate the electric bubble car in select countries, regulations vary widely across borders. France and Italy lead the charge with permissions for 14-year-old drivers, while other European nations impose age restrictions starting at 15 or 16. The disparity in age requirements underscores the complex interplay between safety standards and driving privileges, prompting reflection on the implications of introducing younger drivers to the road.

Micro’s decision to manufacture the Microlino Lite in Turin, Italy, underscores the brand’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship. With a production release slated for early summer 2024, prospective drivers can anticipate two color options—Venice Blue and Berlin Anthracite—to suit their individual tastes. Furthermore, the option to extend the car’s range up to 180 kilometers offers flexibility for drivers seeking enhanced performance and versatility.


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