Glamping gets glamed-up in this Quebec mountain escape

Reflection Forest Glamp - Quebec, Canada

Design can create abstract reflections of a theme or message in its structure, but from the collaboration of architecture and design, physical reflections can become pertinent and permanently transform a space. The glamping (glamorous camping) project appropriately dubbed Reflection, is the work of Quebec-based architects Bourgeois Le Chasseur and favors compact living with versatility of design and location.

Bourgeois Le Chasseur has previously experimented with “get away rentals” in the form of Charlevoix Domes (a series of luxury geodesic dwellings) and Cabin A, a private naval-inspired cabin overlooking the St.Lawrence River, close to Reflection and the Massif Petite-Riviere-Saint-Francois ski resort in Quebec. In all cases, these rentals aim to disappear among their environment and engage with the nature at eye level, rather than trying to stun with sweeping views and overcompensated design.

Consisting of two adjacent contemporary cabins, the Reflection dwellings boasts a mirror façade, which due to their reflective nature can distort the view depending on where one stands. In keeping with traditional glamping style, the not so tiny 80 sqm (861 sq ft) cabins are single story and feature an open floor living, dining, and kitchen zone. Complete with two bedrooms, bathroom, and outdoor spa, the dwellings offer a full living experience at half the size of a normal family home.

The glazed mirror facade presents the exterior, complete with a callback to a previous project, Cabin A, with the entrance to the cabin being pushed inwards to break the symmetry.

As seen in Cabin A, interior and exterior spaces are blended to immerse you in an otherwise uninhabitable landscape. In this case, the entrance physically pushes itself into the interior, offsetting it from the rest of the exterior. Darkened timber slats clad their way from the exterior to the interior; along the length of the modern living room. The interior design is complimented with black hues, grey concrete, and cool natural wooden paneling for the interior ceilings.

The Reflection project is modeled on prefabrication building techniques, specifically with its construction. Prefabricated homes have made their way back into the architectural world in recent times, providing a more sustainable and economic solution to tradition building. Prefab homes are constructed off-site and assembled easily on-site, avoiding the pile of bricks and offering a fully-fledged construction that is ready to be installed and can be uniquely customized to suit differing needs or desires. With economies of scale when ordering materials, this practice is cost-friendly for the manufacturer and designer, as well as cutting construction time down for the peace of mind of the client.

Project Data 
Location: Petite-Rivière-Saint-François, Charlevoix, Québec
Client: Réflexion – Maisons miroirs
Architects: Bourgeois / Lechasseur architectes
Design Team: Olivier Bourgeois, Régis Lechasseur, Alexandre Côte, Valérie Gauthier
Site area: 8300 m2
Unit area: 80 m2
General Contractor: Charlevoix Acoustique
Window markers: FeatherFriendly

In the case of Reflection, the extra-large reflective windows were constructed on site, in keeping with the dialogue between the architects and various bird conservancy associations, to ensure no birds were injured in the name of fine design.

More than anything, Reflection signals the Canadian value present in many of Bourgeois Le Chasseur’s designs: a yearning for nature without compromising efficiency or style. Rather than a house on wheels, these cabins are seemingly dropped from above, reflecting the beauty of the untouched space for the needs of the modern traveler.

Bourgeois Le Chasseur

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