Immersive heritage: a transformation of Amsterdam’s Bridge Houses

SWEETS hotel - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

SWEETS hotel has repurposed Amsterdam’s historic bridge houses into hotel suites, connecting the city’s past with its current tourist industry. Originally constructed between 1673 and2009 to house the city’s bridge keepers, these twenty-eight houses are situated along the canals of Amsterdam, presenting a unique opportunity to intertwine the city’s historical legacy with its modern-day appeal.

The hotel has revitalized these bridge houses into standalone hotel suites, incorporating distinctive interiors that pay homage to the architectural history of each tiny building. According to the hotel, they have “reused industrial heritage by transforming the bridge houses into stand-alone hotel suites with unique interiors, designed with the architectural history of the tiny building in mind.”

For example, the Amstelschutsluis house, erected in 1673, incorporates Dutch traditions, materials, and colors that were popular during the 17th century. Guests staying in this house are surrounded by matte green walls reminiscent of a Rembrandt painting.
The hotel further explains, “With respect for the original architects, the interior design team of SWEETS hotel researches and reacts to the architectural history of each individual bridge house. During so-called ‘design picnics’ on location, together with all the involved partners, the team chooses which elements to preserve and which to play with.”

Every house is furnished with essential amenities such as a shower, toilet, and bed, with two houses also featuring a kitchen. Additionally, they offer panoramic views of the canals, enabling guests to fully immerse themselves in the city’s ambiance after exploring its bustling centers. Furthermore, each house is equipped with an electric tablet that recommends local attractions beyond the inner city center, providing guests with an opportunity to experience a more authentic side of Amsterdam while also supporting local businesses.

These houses place Amsterdam at the forefront, with each one serving as a unique hotel suite that connects guests to the heritage of its location, promising a rich experience in a city steeped in cultural and historical significance. Guests can return to stay at different houses, each time gaining a deeper understanding of Amsterdam and forging a more intimate connection with the city.

The price for a suite starts from €126 per night.

Sweets Hotel

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