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Innovative French tiny house with a sliding roof sleeps six

Stéphanie - The Optinid Company, France

The Optinid company from France has introduced a unique concept of tiny house, with its line of models that feature sunroof-like sliding roofs in the bedrooms. One of their latest models, named Stéphanie after its owner, takes this sliding roof design a step further by increasing the total sleeping capacity to accommodate six people.

Measuring 6 meters long and 2.55 meters wide, with a maximum height of 4 meters, the Stéphanie tiny house offers a total floorspace of 20.4 square meters. The exterior of the house is clad in fir timber, while the interior is finished with painted spruce, providing a cozy and natural aesthetic.

Upon entering the Stéphanie, visitors are greeted by a living room area equipped with a sofa bed that can accommodate two people. Above this space, accessible by a ladder, is a small loft area that Optinid claims can sleep an additional couple of people. Adjacent to the living room is a combined office and music space. This area features an electric piano that doubles as a desk, along with a sewing machine and integrated staircase leading to the bedroom.

The bedroom in the Stéphanie follows the same sliding roof design as Optinid’s previous models. The roof can be unlocked and slid open on rails, allowing occupants to enjoy the elements when the weather is favorable. The company has made improvements to the mechanism, making it smaller and lighter.

With the addition of the bedroom, sofa bed, and secondary loft, the Stéphanie tiny house can comfortably sleep up to six people. This is quite impressive considering the stringent towing laws in France, which require tiny houses to be significantly lighter compared to those in the United States.

Moving to the other areas of the tiny house, there is a small kitchen equipped with an oven, a two-burner induction stove, a sink, and ample storage space. A pantry is connected to a fresh air circulation system, ensuring a well-ventilated cooking area. The Stéphanie also features a retractable dining table, providing a dedicated space for meals. At the far end of the house, a snug bathroom is equipped with a shower and a dry toilet.

In terms of energy supply, the Stéphanie relies on a ground-based solar power array for electricity. Additionally, it has the option for a standard mains hookup. To ensure comfort during colder months, the tiny house is heated with electric radiators, and hot water is provided by an electric water heater.

Optinid’s Stéphanie tiny house offers a unique and innovative approach to maximizing space and incorporating nature into the living experience. The sliding roof design allows occupants to enjoy natural light, fresh air, and the beauty of the surroundings. The inclusion of multiple sleeping spaces makes it a suitable option for families or larger groups looking for a cozy and sustainable living solution.

Optinid’s Stéphanie tiny house exemplifies the company’s commitment to innovation and creativity in the tiny house market. By offering a unique sliding roof design and maximizing sleeping capacity, it provides an alternative solution for those seeking a tiny house with a touch of luxury and the ability to connect with nature. As the demand for sustainable and compact living solutions continues to grow, it will be interesting to see how companies like Optinid push the boundaries of tiny house design and functionality.

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