Innovative handbag designed to light up a woman’s day

Minois - Luxury Handbags, Holland

Dutch handbag company Minois has created an innovative collection of leather handbags to light up every woman’s day. The smart handbags feature a minimalist design made from Italian leather and featuring clever technology inside. Each handbag features an interior led light which lights up when you open the bag, an ingenious idea to help users find what they need inside.
No more struggling to find your keys, missing phone calls or clumsy searching for items. Each time users open a Minois handbag, the bag literally lights up. A subtle soft light illuminates the interior, making it easy to find anything inside the bag. In addition, users can charge their mobile phone or other devices inside the bag and on the go.

The bag has a high-end battery of 5000mAh, which means the bag can be used for three days before it runs out of battery. Furthermore, the bags come with a wireless charger, facilitating an effortless recharge experience. Users simply place the handbag onto the wireless charger overnight and the next morning it’s good to go.

Head designer from Minois, Simone Tertoolen is the brains behind the wonderful handbag collection, which literally redefines the handbag experience. With a passion for clever and elegant technology, fused with everyday design, Teroolen has artfully created a minimalist handbag collection with smart technology inside. Collaborating with luxury Italian manufacturer, the collection of handbags are beautifully crafted and integrated with technology inside the leather.

“Our bags are designed with a keen eye for how a bag is used in daily life and with love for technology,” says Minois. “Inspired by Apple and Braun design, the bag integrates technology in an elegant way.”

In a fusion of fashion and functionality, Minois has illuminated the path to a more convenient and elegant handbag experience. Their innovative collection, crafted from exquisite Italian leather, has seamlessly integrated smart technology to make every day brighter for women on the move. The interior LED light serves as a guiding beacon, banishing the search for keys and missed calls from the past. With a built-in high-capacity battery and wireless charging, these handbags epitomize modern convenience. Minois’ commitment to combining timeless design with cutting-edge technology shines through, offering a new standard in sophistication and utility for the discerning woman.

The Minois collection of handbags are available for purchase online, with prices on the higher end, starting from €545 (US$640).


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