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Boathouse Hotel – London, UK

Floating accommodation along the London stretch of the Grand Union Canal serves as a prime example of adapting design to meet the needs of modern travelers and introducing luxury where it previously didn’t exist. The brainchild of Cara Louise Furby, who had prior experience with a smaller boat accommodation in England, The Boathouse represents a partnership with the renowned interior design brand Nestled beside the boathouse hotel is the Floating Pocket Park, a 730 square meter (7858 square foot) natural oasis teeming with wildlife, indigenous plants, and inviting trails to wander. Thus, The Boathouse stands out as a pioneering accommodation, gracefully positioned on the UK’s longest canal and surrounded by a fresh, eco-friendly community area that encourages both exploration and serenity.

Measuring 66 feet (22 meters) in length, the wide-beam barge sits slightly submerged, offering guests seclusion while also granting access to the rooftop space. Drawing inspiration from Scandinavian boathouse aesthetics, known for their cozy ambiance amidst the fjords and fishing villages of the region, Furby opted for reclaimed wood throughout the vessel’s interior paneling, creating a harmonious design scheme. This reclaimed material beautifully contrasts with contemporary tiling in moisture-prone areas, along with sleek black steel accents adorning the doorframes, windows, and cabinets. The houseboat boasts designer furnishings, marble countertops, and a nod to its maritime roots through industrial light fixtures and porthole windows in the bathroom.

Functioning as a fully-equipped hotel room, The Boathouse features a private double bedroom, a modern kitchen replete with amenities, and an open living area with a sizable sofa that can be converted into an additional double bed. The rooftop deck provides an ideal setting for al fresco dining under the stars or leisurely sun-soaked afternoons. Additionally, the deck houses various amenities, including two bicycles and a rowing boat for on-land and on-water adventures.

While designed to accommodate up to four guests, The Boathouse can also be reserved for private gatherings and events, with the capacity to host twenty guests for indoor dining and fifteen for rooftop dining with picturesque views. Despite being afloat, guests need not fret about a lack of activities. In addition to the complimentary bicycles and rowing boat, arrangements can be made to have a private chef come aboard to handle the cooking, providing guests with a taste of local cuisine.

The juxtaposition of calculated, cozy, and rustic characteristics with sea-faring barges may seem unconventional, but The Boathouse seamlessly blends comfort and relaxation, offering a tranquil space to unwind after a day of exploration in London and its surroundings. Embracing the contemporary era of luxury accommodations entails acknowledging that any space, regardless of its location, can be transformed to meet and exceed guest expectations.

A night’s stay aboard The Boathouse begins at 360 pounds (USD $482) per couple, with the option to accommodate additional guests for a supplementary fee.

Boathouse London

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