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Introducing the upscale tiny house with a designer twist

The Kootenay - Tru Form Tiny, Oregon, USA

A uniquely designed tiny house is now on the market, catching attention for its intricate craftsmanship and luxurious features. The Kootenay, created by Tru Form Tiny, an Oregon-based company known for its innovative space-saving designs, offers a range of upscale upgrades.

This exclusive “designer” edition of the Kootenay is available for purchase, featuring high-end finishes, a stunning free-standing tub in the bathroom, custom geometric tiling, and even a smart home package.

Measuring 24 feet (7.3 meters) in length, the exterior showcases gray-painted lap siding with a durable metal roof. Upon entering, the kitchen is the first space you encounter. It boasts an apron farmhouse sink, a propane-powered stove and oven, and a stainless-steel refrigerator, making it a chef’s dream. The bespoke cabinets offer ample storage space with elegant handles. The timber counter-tops form a peninsular configuration, providing both a practical food prep area and a space for socializing. A cozy dining area is seamlessly integrated with the kitchen.

In the opposite section, a comfortable sitting area awaits, complete with a cushioned bench adorned with a sconce, fireplace and an accent wall made from reclaimed barn wood.

A cleverly designed timber staircase provides easy access to the sleeping loft, while also providing extra hidden storage nooks within the stair modules. The loft itself is generously appointed with ample storage and numerous windows, creating a spacious environment.

The bathroom features a large window for abundant natural light and a flush toilet. The bathroom counter, made from quartz, features a round sink and is surrounded by drawers and cabinets to store essentials. Beneath the counter, additional storage and a combination washer-dryer unit can be found

However, these remarkable enhancements come at a price. The designer version of the Kootenay tiny house carries a hefty price tag of US$168,000, making it one of the more expensive options in the market. Nevertheless, for those with the budget to invest in a top-quality tiny home, the Kootenay offers an exquisite and intelligently designed living space.

Tru Form Tiny

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