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Italian alpine tiny cabin lets you sleep under the stars

GlamBox- Garessio, Italy

Raised above a steep hillside in Garessio, a town north of Sanremo, Italy, comes a new response to tiny housing. Tiny housing, among other things, holds a special idea that we are moving away from specifically-designed rooms, and thinking about how furniture can move depending on the individual. Astute in concept, GlamBox’s architects Fabio Revetria and Lara Sappa from Studio Officina 82, respond to this with a synthesis of traditional rustic architecture and an innovative function of accommodation that prioritizes creating a consolidated landscape image.

This 5 x 3 meter (16 x 10 ft) chestnut timber dwelling features two levels: the ground floor with the combined living and bedroom space, a small study, and bathroom; and an upstairs mezzanine level. The elevated mezzanine is accessed by ladder, and features addition bedding for two more people or can alternatively be used as a quiet retreat.

The voyeuristic inspiration for this project encourages immersion through activity, treating accommodation simply as refuge, a place to come to and relish in what has been explored. Positioning this cabin in a marginal area with difficult terrain, GlamBox is part of a rehabilitation movement that looks to tiny design to help us disconnect with our busy, urban and technologically-driven lifestyles, and reconnect with nature.

Raised on a wooden deck, the tiny cabin features sliding doors located on two sides of the structure that offer optimal versatility, while experimenting with light, air, and freedom of space. From the outside, a combination of chestnut and darkened wood to make up the exterior cladding and roof, creating a delicate balance between the two. This contrast of tone resurfaces inside, with black steel bars used to offset the creamy chestnut tones. A bed on wheels is the focal point of this cabin, giving the guests a chance to sleep under the stars, evoking the feeling of laying in a deep meadow.

This project is surrounded, literally, by activity. During the day, you can enjoy excursions on foot or bike, walks in the oak and chestnut woods (the same wood that clads the GlamBox) and ethnobotanical walks in the meadows to discover local wildlife. Or venture out to the alpine village of Garessio (at 1000 meters/ 3280 ft above sea level) in the Upper Tanaro Valley, allowing for a cultural reset.

If anything, GlamBox is an ideal starting point for activity. At 190 euros per day ($214 USD), this project has ushered an accommodation experience that marries tradition with smart design, and a unique opportunity to sleep under the stars without scarifying on comfort. Proving that just as we do, the spaces we live in can move and adjust with us, elevating our comfort and signalling the future of travel.

Studio Officina 82

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