Jet Capsule Supersport 2024 switches to electric propulsion at the flick of a finger

Jet Capsule SS - Lazzarini Design, Italy

Jet Capsule’s latest creation, the Supersport 2024, redefines water mobility with its groundbreaking design, versatile performance, and personalized features. This innovative vessel sheds 500 kg in weight with its lightweight carbon fiber upper structure, crafted through vacuum-infusion molding. This shedding of weight enhances its agility, efficiency, and overall performance on the water. The Supersport 2024’s adaptability is showcased by a full electric docking system that seamlessly switches to electric mode during low-speed cruising. Additionally, it features a single-engine propulsion offering a power range from 570 hp to 850 hp.

Beyond its performance, the vessel offers a range of features for an enhanced experience. Automatic switch to jet-drive during deceleration optimizes control, while a rooftop sunbed adds a touch of luxury. The interior, designed for flexibility, accommodates various layouts, seating up to ten passengers. The wide rear opening, customizable with a sliding door, enhances accessibility, making boarding and disembarking effortless.

The Supersport 2024 supports a variety of water sports. Its carbon fiber shell ensures a lighter, more adaptable ride, emphasizing durability and resilience. Accommodating up to ten passengers with optional features that include a dinette, bathroom, beds, and a rear door, it offers a truly customized aquatic experience.

The introduction of the Jet Capsule Supersport 2024 marks a significant leap in water mobility. Beyond its technological advancements, its adaptability and customization cater to evolving consumer preferences. Reflecting a shift towards sustainability and personalized leisure, it pioneers a new era in luxury watercraft experiences.

Lazzarini DesignJet Capsule

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