Journey to the abyss: a night in the deepest hotel suite on earth

The Sala Silvermine - Sala, Sweden

An old Swedish silver mine hides a treasure deep within its dark tunnels and cavity shafts. Nestled within this spectacular location, guests can stay overnight in the world’s deepest hotel suite. The Sala Silvermine is located in Sala (120 km/75 miles from Stockholm) and is believed to date back to the Middle Ages. Once used to mine Sweden’s largest source of silver, the abandoned mine is currently home to a very unusual underground hotel, dining experience, museum, live theater and local activities.
This one-of-a-kind hotel suite sleeps two guests and can be found 155 meters (509 ft) underground. The some-what creepy hotel suite features a dark rock walled chamber with candles, seating and little else. There is a toilet located at 50 meters (165 ft) below ground for the guests to use, however complete bathroom facilities are only available above ground.

Guests access the suite via a series of winding tunnels and deep cavities. That-being-said, this hotel experience is definitely not suitable for claustrophobes. For peace of mind, a Sala Silvermine staff member is always available above ground for the duration of the stay, contactable by an intercom radio. Guests are also reminded that cell phones do not work this deep underground!
The mine also boasts two large underground dining rooms, used for spectacular dinners and events. Above ground, local activities and adventure include high wire adventure tracks, ropeways, hanging bridges and other tree challenges.

A stay at the world’s deepest hotel suite in Sala Silvermine is a journey into the depths of history and adventure. This unique experience offers a glimpse into the rich heritage of the Middle Ages while providing an unforgettable underground escape. Although the suite may be somewhat eerie with its rock-walled chamber and candlelit ambience, it promises an unparalleled sense of immersion. While not for the claustrophobic, the vigilant presence of Sala Silvermine staff above ground ensures peace of mind for intrepid guests, reminding us that this subterranean realm is a world unto itself, where modern amenities like cell phones dare not tread.

A night’s stay in the underground suite at the Sala Silvermine will cost approximately US$580.

Sala Silvermine

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