Luxurious Maldives resort goes off-grid with advanced solar power

Kudadoo Resort, Maldives

The Kudadoo resort, developed by New York-based architectural firm Yuji Yamazaki Architecture, sets itself apart in the realm of beach retreats through its dedication to sustainable practices and luxurious accommodations. Inspired by the evolving industry of eco-accommodation, this holiday destination aims to embody the values of our current planet and social climate.

Embracing sustainable energy, Kudadoo features a photo-voltaic (solar panel) roof and utilizes eco-materials throughout its design. Unlike conventional resorts where solar panels are discreetly placed, Kudadoo’s solar power roof is a prominent design feature, creating dimension and contributing to the overall stylish look of the space. The system produces 320Wp of electricity, eliminating the need for additional energy supplies. The building’s geometry maximizes electricity production and allows natural sunlight to filter through the panel gaps, reducing the reliance on artificial lighting during the day.

The resort’s exterior predominantly employs wood sourced from sustainably certified forests in Canada, New Zealand, and Indonesia. This commitment to sustainability extends to the interior, where the private residences feature Tasmanian oak flooring, wood paneling, and detailing, creating a lavish oasis for guests. The residences, available in one or two-bedroom options, offer open-plan layouts, spacious bathrooms, and living areas. Handmade furniture and eco-cooling systems further enhance the eco-friendly ambiance, while private outdoor decks provide uninterrupted sea views and feature infinity plunge pools overlooking the ocean.

Beyond relaxation, the resort offers a plethora of local activities, including diving, snorkeling, sailing, fishing, and various water sports. Guests can also explore nearby attractions and indulge in holistic spa treatments. The on-site restaurant, bar, and wine cellar provide a fine dining experience that complements the stunning views and forward-thinking technology powering the resort.

The resort’s one-bedroom residences start at US $5,452 per night for two people, exclusive of taxes and fees. Prices are flexible and can be adjusted based on group size, length of stay, and villa size, and can be accessed via the official website.

Kudadoo Maldives

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