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Maximizing interior space with a tiny house netted loft

The Mina Tiny House - Baluchon, France

French designer Baluchon has unveiled its latest tiny house dubbed the Mina, which cleverly maximizes its small footprint by incorporating an additional netted loft area upstairs. This loft serves as a reading space and hangout area, and is topped by a large operable skylight, allowing for ample natural light.

Tiny houses have gained significant popularity in recent years, attracting individuals seeking a simpler, more sustainable lifestyle. These compact dwellings offer numerous advantages, including reduced environmental impact, lower maintenance costs, and the ability to live mortgage-free. However, the limited living space in tiny houses poses challenges in terms of design and functionality. This is where innovative solutions, such as the netted loft in the Mina, come into play.

The Mina tiny house is built on a double-axle trailer and measures a mere 20 ft (approximately 6 m) in length. The exterior features a charming combination of red cedar and aluminum cladding, while power is sourced from a standard RV-style hookup.

Upon entering the tiny house, the living room occupies much of the available floorspace downstairs. This area boasts a spacious bench window seat with integrated storage, which conveniently doubles as a bed for guests. The living room also includes cabinets, a coffee table, and a small wood-burning stove, creating a cozy and functional space. The kitchen is equipped with a trendy Smeg fridge, an oven, a propane-powered four-burner stove, a sink, cabinetry, and a dining table for two. The kitchen seamlessly connects to a basic bathroom that offers additional storage, a shower, and a toilet.

Access to the upstairs area is provided by a staircase, which also offers storage space beneath. Upon reaching the top, visitors are greeted by the netted loft reading area. While unconventional, the use of a net in this space is practical as it allows light to pass through and avoids obstructing the view below. Moreover, the large skylight above further enhances the openness of the space.

The inclusion of a netted loft in the Mina tiny house is a creative way to expand the usable area without compromising on the overall size and mobility of the structure. By utilizing vertical space, the netted loft provides an additional space for relaxation and leisure activities. Moreover, the large skylight above the loft creates a sense of spaciousness and connection to the outdoors.

One of the main advantages of the netted loft design is its ability to allow light to flow through the space below. Unlike solid barriers or traditional loft designs, the netted loft maintains an open and airy atmosphere, while still providing a designated area for activities. This design choice is particularly beneficial in tiny houses where natural light is crucial to create an illusion of space and prevent the interior from feeling cramped.

Furthermore, the netted loft serves as a versatile space that can be customized to suit individual preferences and needs. It can be transformed into a cozy reading nook, a mini home office, or even a play area for children. The flexibility of this design element adds to the overall functionality and livability of the tiny house.

Adjacent to the netted loft is the bedroom, designed in the typical loft style found in tiny houses. The bedroom features a low ceiling, a double bed, and shelving, offering a cozy and intimate sleeping space.

In terms of the overall design and layout of the Mina tiny house, Baluchon has successfully incorporated essential living spaces while maintaining a sense of style and comfort. The living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom areas are efficiently arranged to optimize functionality and ensure a pleasant living experience. The choice of materials, such as the red cedar and aluminum cladding, adds a touch of elegance and durability to the exterior.

The inclusion of a small wood-burning stove in the living room not only provides warmth but also adds a cozy and rustic ambiance to the space. The kitchen, despite its compact size, is equipped with modern appliances and ample storage, allowing for a comfortable cooking experience. The bathroom, although basic, offers all essential amenities and storage solutions.

The Mina tiny house was specifically created as the main residence for its owner, Mathéa, and has been delivered to Alpes-Maritimes in southeast France. While the exact cost of the Mina has not been disclosed, Baluchon’s previous tiny houses have typically been priced at around €80,000 (approximately US$90,000).


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