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MICROHOME 2024 competition: redefining tiny living

MICROHOME 2024 Awards - Buildner and Kingspan Edition

Buildner and Kingspan have once again teamed up for the MICROHOME 2024 competition, which aims to recognise the best of tiny living designs. The upcoming competition boasts a substantial prize fund of €150,000 and invites designers to present their designs and concepts for off-grid, modular homes that measure 25m². Buildner and Kingspan challenge creative minds to reimagine spatial organization; incorporate cutting-edge technologies; and prioritize sustainability in construction.

This year’s brief for the MICROHOME 2024 competition asks participants to create designs that optimize the interior space of a 25m² home. The home concept should be specifically created for a young professional couple, and be applicable in either an urban or rural setting worldwide. Designers are tasked with reimagining spatial organization through modularity, integrating state-of-the-art technologies and materials, and emphasizing sustainability. This creative exploration extends to unconventional off-grid elements, including water collection, waste management, and electrical generation. The goal is to challenging designers to balance cost-effectiveness, environmental considerations, and energy efficiency, while providing essential functionality and comfortable living.

Thanks to Kingspan’s collaboration, the prize money has increased to €150,000, with the first-place awarded receiving a substantial €40,000. Furthermore, the competition has introduced an additional six award prizes for projects that feature and incorporate Kingspan products. MICROHOME awards recognizes excellence in innovative design, sustainability, and the seamless integration of smart solutions into the fabric of small-space living. All eligible participants have the opportunity to compete for both sets of prizes, with entries closing in April 2024.

MICROHOME Kingspan Edition

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