Mirrored Marvel: Danish Town Hall’s Unique Anti-Graffiti Facade

Mirror Pavilion - MLRP, Denmark

In a bid to prevent graffiti and vandalism, Danish architectural firm MLRP has come up with a novel façade for a local town hall. The studio decided to transform the exterior walls of the building into mirrors, and in doing so successfully transformed a “drab” building into a local attraction.

The mirror pavilion has since claimed its place as a popular attraction at Central Park in Copenhagen, Denmark. The fun facade invites local visitors to interact with the array of different shaped mirrors, including distorted mirrors, curved mirror doors and invisible entrances. Furthermore, the vast wall of mirrors located at the end of the pavilion creates a dramatic effect, creating a mesmerizing experience for passers-by.
The building is built with monolithic black timber volumes and mirrored headboards, creating visions that seemingly distort the surrounding landscape. From the right angle, the pavilion also seems to vanish, as it gets lost in the reflection of the surrounding vegetation.

The mirror pavilion is the first of three projects that MLRP has developed together with the Municipality of Copenhagen for the Central Park.


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