Nature-Inspired Luxury: AOE Design’s Forest Oasis

Guilin Lebei Homestay Hotel - Guilin, Guangxi, China

From AOE Design comes a whimsical forest retreat nestled among the trees. The Guilin Lebei Homestay Hotel, located in Guilin, Guangxi, China, is a collaboration between AOE project team and renowned architect Wen Qun. Situated in a picturesque tourist city with a mild climate and abundant forests and rivers, this hotel offers a truly immersive accommodation experience.

The project consists of thirteen carefully designed huts, interconnected by a sweeping canopy. Drawing inspiration from ancient housing, the huts prioritize expansive views and practical interior design for families. Perched five meters above the ground, the height of the huts aligns with the trees, creating the illusion of traversing through the dense forest. However, it is from the spacious wooden balconies that guests can truly revel in the breathtaking views and sounds of this oasis.

Each unit spans approximately 27 square meters and features unique forms, areas, and shapes within its design. All units are two levels, with the main activity area located on the first level and a triangular-roofed children’s space on the second level. For units with a more apartment-like layout, the second level serves as the children’s bedroom, accessible via a climbing ladder that connects both floors. This design proves to be a clever divider, allowing parents to enjoy the first level, complete with a living space, small kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.

The hotel is seamlessly connected by wide floating plank roads that effortlessly traverse the trees, providing easy access to the pods and various entertainment facilities scattered throughout. The overall design of the hotel exudes playfulness, with slides, slings, and other whimsical elements leading guests to ground gardens, leisure spaces, and walkways. This project is perfect for families, with each unit offering its own unique charm. For example, type B and C units replace the stairs connecting the two levels with an outdoor slide, creating a distinctive exterior look.

In most units, the playfulness is reflected in the gentle curves of the roof and facade, giving the impression of a friendly giant rather than an imposing forest dwelling. The pods feature smooth wooden planks for the balconies and underneath the roof, which gracefully bend and stretch to form two exterior walls. This results in a sleek and harmonious structure that effortlessly blends into the surrounding shrubbery.

Nestled amid the shelter of neighboring buildings and trees, this landscape remains cool and comfortable during the summer, making it an ideal time to visit and indulge in a unique vacation experience that embraces the spirit of play.


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