Old meets new: cattle stable converted into a stylish home

House in Güemes - Zooco Estudio, Güemes, Spain

The transformation of a stable into a home in the small Spanish town Güemes is a testament to the harmonious coalescence of rural architecture and contemporary living. Zooco Estudio, the architectural firm behind this project, endeavored to honor the original structure of the cattle stable during its conversion, paying homage to the materials and layout that defined it. The end result is a stunning reimagining of the old stable, complemented by a newly constructed attachment separated by a covered passageway.

The architectural studio emphasizes the paramount importance of preserving the existing structure and its traditional materials. Through the utilization of local woods, stone, tiles, and white facade sourced from the Güemes area, the home exudes a strong sense of connection with its surroundings. Simultaneously, the incorporation of a concrete structure introduces a modern touch, infusing the timeless traditions of Cantabrian architecture with a contemporary flair.

The former stable now serves as the central space of the house, with a linear design that encompasses the kitchen, dining room, fireplace, living room, office, and bookshelves. The strategic inclusion of sliding louvers empowers the residents to either engage with or detach from the provincial setting of Güemes. The heart of the house comprises the living, dining, and kitchen area, featuring a spacious wooden roof that overlooks the expansive open space. Adjacent to the bookshelves lies a bedroom with a bathroom and dressing room, while the first floor hosts an additional bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living room.

The addition of a pavilion introduces a generous porch and a series of rooms, including a sauna and a guest room. The L-shaped configuration of the pavilion serves as a bridge between the old and new structures. A tranquil pool, nestled between the buildings, offers breathtaking views of the Cantabrian mountains, effectively establishing a seamless connection between the two architectural elements.

Zooco Estudio

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