Prefab gem boasts efficient living and timeless design

Figurr Architects Collective - Quebec, Canada

Prefab homes are undeniably in vogue nowadays. They are time-saving, efficient, and eco-friendly, offering a fresh approach to construction. A stunning example of this trend is a prefab family country home in Quebec, Canada, overlooking Lake Manitou. This unique dwelling, designed by Canadian architect Richard Rubin from Figurr Architects Collective, is composed of five factory-built modules, each around fifty feet (15.2 meters) long, creating a total area of 4,200 sqft (390 sqm). The house has earned LEED certification, emphasizing sustainability in the building industry. It reflects the architect’s vision for minimal environmental impact and a blend of backwoods cabin charm.

The exterior of this home presents a stacked appearance, with the entrance level module placed above the basement level and the third level arranged to form a cross pattern, resembling a shifted Rubik’s cube. Constructed with local and sustainable wood and steel, the three levels complement the natural-colored outdoor facade. The third level adds a touch of artistry with black wood accents. Prior to shipping, the modules were equipped with insulation, windows, and flooring. Enduring extreme weather and rough roads during transportation, the home showcased the durability of prefab construction, highlighting a key advantage of factory-built homes. This smooth transport process facilitated efficient indoor construction, allowing for a detailed exploration of the interior design.

The ground level of the home is designed as an entertainment area, featuring a dining room and kitchen that flow into a cozy living room. The living room boasts a large panoramic window, framing the landscape and harnessing direct sunlight to reduce heating and lighting expenses. Throughout the home, large windows are a prominent design element, varying in size to demonstrate the intricate planning involved in prefab home design. Strategic window placement optimizes natural light, enhancing the warmth of the interior wood finishes and harmonizing with the overall building layout.

Data Sheet 
Completion Year : May 2019
Architect: Figurr Architects Collective 
Engineer: Jeffrey Leibgott SBSA
General contractor: Norexco
Supplier: Énergéco Concept
Landscape Architects: Projet Paysage 
Project Manager: Rick Rubin

A screened-in porch on the ground level provides expansive views and a connection to the changing seasons. The master bedroom includes a porch that extends from the structure, emphasizing individual space and the needs of each family member. Stainless steel appliances and a sustainable wood-paneled roof complete the interior, complementing the exterior’s dark wood accents. The home seamlessly blends with its surroundings, welcoming visitors seeking a cozy retreat.


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