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Casa en Pendiente - Syndicate Arguitectura, Ecuador

Situated amongst red-roofed houses in Cumbaya, Quito, the capital city of Ecuador, Casa en Pendiente, or ‘House on Slope’, stands out as a modern family home that prioritizes privacy, space, and greenery. Designed by el Syndicate Arguitectura, its aim is to provide comfort for a family of four while inspiring others to think outside the box when it comes to building homes.

What immediately catches the eye from the outside are the staggered volumes that make up the house. There are three levels in total, each serving different family routines and activities. Unlike traditional family homes, which are typically seen as one cohesive unit, Casa en Pendiente embraces the idea of segregation, not as a negative, but as a means to create an interconnected system that encourages gathering together.

The project is divided into three main blocks. The upper block houses the living room, dining room, and shared bathroom, located next to the garage. The intermediate block features the kitchen as the main space, serving as a place for cooking, socializing, and work. Additionally, within this block, with only a small level difference of a few steps, is the parents’ bedroom. Moving down to the lower block, you’ll find the daughters’ bedrooms. Notably, the kitchen offers a framed view of the exterior, with a vegetable garden serving as a reminder of the outdoor space and connecting to a series of intermediate gardens that provide privacy without compromising the surrounding views.

If the views from ground level are not enough, the roof is walkable and offers additional entertainment space for the family. The path on the roof mirrors the path that joins the three volumes together, creating an economical layout.

The exterior walls showcase a unique combination of brick and concrete, specifically designed for this home. The architects chose reinforced cavity brick walls, which have a hollow center and are composed of two brick rows with a concrete cavity in the center measuring 5cm. This design serves as both a formwork and an exterior finish, creating a seamless flow between the interior and exterior spaces.

Despite its modest size of 200sqm, this home does not compromise on interior design or functionality. As you move through the different levels, the transition feels subtle and gentle, catering to all family members and guests. The presence of greenery helps to soften the industrial interior, which is complemented by glass sliding doors outlined in black steel, adding another visual dimension to the overall design.

In most cases, we grow into the family homes we move to. It is rare to find a home that is intentionally built around the routines and needs of a family. Casa en Pendiente is primarily a family home, showcasing impressive architectural and landscape design, and ultimately serving as a sanctuary for generations to come.

Syndicate Arguitectura

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