Roadiaq concept redefines the Digital Nomad experience

Roadiaq – Skoda, Czech Republic

The Skoda Roadiaq concept represents the epitome of a digital nomad’s utopia, seamlessly integrating the attributes of a compact camper and a mobile office. This electric all-wheel-drive (AWD) crossover, conceived by Skoda’s vocational school students, is constructed on the foundation of the Enyaq 80x Sportline model, offering an impressive range of 307 miles. Notably, its distinctive feature is the innovative rear high roof, reminiscent of a scorpion’s tail, which creates space for a camper layout that effortlessly converts into a functional mobile workstation during the day.

The reptilian aesthetic of the Roadiaq, accentuated by the striking Emerald Green color and scale-like triangles, bestows a distinctive and captivating allure. Bolstered by a 77-kWh lithium-ion battery and dual electric motors, the vehicle ensures a harmonious balance between efficiency and performance. The high roof accommodates a camper floor plan akin to the VW ID. Buzz, comprising a side bench/bed, a storage console, and a dedicated mobile workstation.

The mobile office setup encompasses a worktop complete with a wireless keyboard and mouse, accompanied by a 27-inch monitor mounted in a dedicated space. The Enyaq iV boasts integrated internet connectivity, speakers, and a camera, culminating in a comprehensive suite of productivity-focused technology. While primarily designed as a single-sleeper configuration, the concept integrates a front passenger seat equipped with a tablet mount, thereby offering a secondary workstation.

The Roadiaq’s outdoor kitchen area, furnished with a portable stove and an electric fridge box, caters to the nomadic lifestyle. The kitchen equipment is thoughtfully stored in under-bench and console compartments, ensuring a tidy and efficient workspace. Furthermore, the concept incorporates additional features such as solar panels, a solar-powered shower, flashlights, and a survival kit, thereby enhancing its versatility. Developed in collaboration with camper and body conversion experts, the Roadiaq epitomizes the evolving requirements of digital nomads, delivering a harmonious fusion of comfort, productivity, and innovation within a compact yet stylish package.


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