Rotating panoramic pod takes glamping to new heights

The Living O’Pod -Unio Design Studio, Finland

Nestled within the forested expanse of Repovesi, Finland, the Living O’Pod stands as a testament to innovative design and immersive living. Crafted by Unio Design Studio, this luxury pod redefines the glamping experience with its unique features and breathtaking surroundings.

At the heart of the Living O’Pod’s design is its ability to rotate a full 360 degrees, offering occupants an unparalleled connection to nature from every angle. Unio Design Studio envisioned a space where inhabitants could seamlessly blend with the mountains, trees, and sky, creating a harmonious refuge within the landscape.

Designed to accommodate two people, the pod features a master bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room, and terrace, spread across two floors. Plywood flooring and a striking black staircase accentuate the sleek steel framework, creating a contemporary yet cozy interior. Timeless lighting and carefully selected furniture pieces add to the ambiance, with vibrant accents like emerald green upholstery and gold-tinted ceiling lights infusing warmth and character into the space.

However, the true standout feature of the Living O’Pod lies in its expansive spherical glass walls, which flood the interior with natural light and offer uninterrupted views of the surrounding terrain. The rotating structure allows occupants to bask in the changing patterns of sunlight and shadows, while full-length windows bring the outside in, creating a seamless connection to the lush forest and rugged cliffs.

Designed to withstand Finland’s harsh winters, the Living O’Pod is equipped with a thermal insulating layer and heating system, ensuring year-round comfort amidst the frosty landscape. Furthermore, all components were prefabricated in a factory to achieve the precise spherical shape before being transported and assembled on-site.

In essence, the Living O’Pod represents a marriage of luxury and functionality, where modern design principles harmonize with the natural world. Whether relaxing indoors or venturing out into the wilderness, this innovative structure offers a truly immersive glamping experience unlike any other. With its innovative design and stunning surroundings, the Living O’Pod invites guests to embrace the beauty of nature in a whole new light.

Unio Design Studio