Sustainable haven blending work and wellness in the Czech woodlands

Atelier - Jan Tyrpekl, Prague, Czech Reppublic

In the tranquil village of Stříbrná Skalice, nestled east of Prague, architect Jan Tyrpekl has woven the ‘Atelier’ into the fabric of the woods, a testament to sustainable architecture and resourceful design. This 68-square-meter dwelling seamlessly integrates with the natural surroundings, embodying a commitment to both environmental consciousness and the warmth of communal effort.

Constructed with a mindful eye on sustainability, the Atelier emerges from locally-sourced, recycled materials, a harmonious blend of salvaged larch and spruce boards, repurposed windows, and insulation.
Jan Tyrpekl’s architectural vision goes beyond conventional cabin design, transforming the Atelier into a versatile space that transitions effortlessly through the seasons. Serving as a workspace, a retreat for relaxation, a venue for family gatherings, or a welcoming guest room, the Atelier stands as a multifaceted sanctuary.

Positioned to capture sweeping views of the valley, the cabin is divided into three distinct volumes — a studio, a sauna with an adjoining beekeeping workshop, and a connecting terrace. This intentional layout promotes a holistic work culture, fostering a harmonious blend of productivity and well-being.
At the heart of the Atelier’s design are its unassuming geometries crowned by gable roofs, strategically aligned north-facing windows, and a commitment to functionality. The thoughtful configuration prevents overheating during the summer while optimizing exposure to natural light.

The continuous facades incorporate niche spaces for firewood storage, not just serving a practical purpose but adding to the aesthetic appeal. Supported by concrete footings, a durable timber grid forms the core structure, embracing sustainability and resilience. The building’s walls, crafted from insulated timber panels, strike a delicate balance between insulation and openness. Both the studio and sauna embrace the comforting warmth of a wood-burning stove, infusing the Atelier with an earthy, inviting atmosphere.

Jan Tyrpekl

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