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Tent like cabin pioneering tiny architecture

KABINA - NODO Arquitectura + Naturaleza

Conceived through a collaboration between NODO Arquitectura and Naturaleza, KABINA is a tent inspired tiny dwelling that reimagines traditional construction methods, aiming for sustainability, adaptability, and efficiency.

KABINA challenges convention by introducing a flat-pack and relocatable building system, emphasizing swift assembly without the need for power tools. Embracing traditional Japanese joinery principles, KABINA is assembled easily with interlocking joints for structural integrity. By omitting traditional fastening methods, the system streamlines assembly, minimizing environmental impact on the existing land. Furthermore, the dwelling can be easily dismantled and later reused on a different site without compromising the integrity of the structure.
Beyond functionality, KABINA’s design philosophy harmonizes aesthetics and purpose. The curved roof not only serves practical functions but also minimizes visual impact on the environment. Operable windows connect occupants with nature, creating a living space that embodies a holistic approach to architectural innovation.

KABINA’s versatility shines through its modular components, catering to diverse spatial requirements with the option to include bathroom and kitchen modules. Suited for glamping, home offices, or temporary accommodations, its quick assembly and disassembly offers an attractive and economic solution for tiny living options.
As KABINA prototype is currently being tested in Uruguay, with plans to expand throughout Latin America. Testing in diverse contexts signifies a step toward validating its real-world applicability, indicating a promising future for this innovative construction system.

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