The art of listening: Brian Eno’s Turntable II revolutionizes audio experience

Turntable II – Brian Eno, Paul Stolper Gallery, London

Brian Eno, the celebrated British musician and visual artist, is once again pushing the boundaries of creativity with his latest creation, the Turntable II. Inspired by his lifelong fascination with light and sound, this unique record player is not just a piece of audio equipment; it’s a work of art in its own right.
Eno’s journey into the realm of light as a medium began decades ago, tracing back to his experiments in the 1960s. His exploration of light and its interplay with music has been a recurring theme throughout his career, and the Turntable II is a natural extension of this artistic exploration.

What sets the Turntable II apart is its integration of acrylic LED lights, which transform the listening experience into a multisensory journey. As the turntable spins, the lights dance and shift, creating a mesmerizing display of colors that evoke imagery ranging from the warm hues of a sunset to the vibrant neon lights of a bustling cityscape.
Eno describes this phenomenon as “colorscapes,” where the patterns and transitions of light mimic the ebb and flow of ambient music. Each moment becomes a unique sensory experience, blurring the lines between auditory and visual perception.

Turntable II Components
– White 8.6” Pro-Ject aluminium tonearm
– Ortofon white 2M cartridge
– Precision cast acrylic platter
– High precision stainless steel bearing block
– Belt drive 15v motor with two speed 33 & 45rpm
– Electronic speed switch
– 15v DC power supply
– Control board with 5V adapter and Arduino
– Addressable RGB LEDs
– Medium density resin one piece precision body
– Frosted cast acrylic body cover
– Gold plated RCA connectors

Beyond its function as a record player, the Turntable II transcends its utilitarian purpose to become a work of art. Eno emphasizes the idea of continuity, inviting viewers to appreciate its form even when it’s not actively playing music. It’s a testament to Eno’s multidisciplinary approach to art, where music, light, and sculpture converge to create something truly extraordinary.

However, the exclusivity of the Turntable II comes with a hefty price tag. Priced at $25,000 USD (£20,000 GBP) and limited to just 150 editions worldwide, it’s clear that this is more than just a consumer product—it’s a collector’s item reserved for those who can afford both its financial and artistic value.

The Turntable II by Brian Eno is on view at Paul Stolper Gallery from 6 February – 9 March 2024

Paul Stolper

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