The electric boat revolution: Voltari Marine Electric Inc. leading the way

Voltari 260- Canada

The electric vehicle revolution is not limited to cars; it is also making waves in the boating industry. One company that is at the forefront of this movement is Voltari Marine Electric Inc., based in Merrickville, Ontario. In January, their groundbreaking creation, the Voltari 260, became the world’s first fully electric performance boat to complete a 91-mile journey from Florida to the Bahamas on a single battery charge in less than 20 hours. This achievement caught the attention of the world and highlighted the potential of electric boats as a sustainable and efficient mode of transportation.

Voltari Marine Electric Inc. was founded in 2021 by CEO Cam Heaps, who brings with him a wealth of experience from his involvement in previous companies such as Pantera Boats, LTS Marine, and Carbon Marine. Carbon Marine, under Heaps’ leadership, made history in 2015 by building the first-ever 100% carbon fiber boat. LTS Marine had also developed an electric powertrain, which set the stage for the creation of Voltari’s groundbreaking electric boats.

Heaps shared his excitement about the potential of electric boats, saying, “When we went for a test drive… for the first time in our lives, a boat accelerated away from the dock without noise, without emissions, any odor and without any shaking or vibration.” This experience inspired Heaps to bring together three key technologies – carbon-fiber hull construction, electric propulsion system, and offshore hull – to create the prototype for the Voltari 260.

The Voltari 260 is equipped with a 142 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion propulsion system, fully integrated control and navigation systems, and aerospace-grade carbon fiber construction. With a peak power of 550 kilowatts (or 700 horsepower) and a top speed of 60 mph (about 97 km/h) in ocean conditions, this electric boat is a force to be reckoned with. Heaps emphasized the importance of using lithium-ion battery capacity specifically designed for boats, as traditional automotive EV systems would overheat and limit the boat’s performance. By combining cutting-edge battery packs with aerospace-grade carbon fiber, the Voltari 260 is able to deliver unprecedented acceleration and performance in any water condition.

While the Voltari 260 comes with a hefty price tag of approximately $593,000, the company assures prospective buyers that the boat can be delivered within six months of placing an order. Charging the boat typically takes eight to 12 hours, but with Voltari’s Level 3 charger, which is also available for purchase, the charging time can be reduced to just 45 minutes. Heaps pointed out that most marinas in North America already have the necessary charging infrastructure, utilizing 220-volt pedestals with amp connections ranging from 30 to 100. The Voltari 260’s interface is designed to work seamlessly with these existing chargers, ensuring convenience for boat owners.

Currently, the Voltari 260 is primarily available in North America, but Heaps has expressed interest in expanding internationally. The company plans to scale up its operations, aiming to sell around 30 boats this year and increase that number to approximately 1,000 boats annually within four to five years. Additionally, Voltari has plans to introduce a 40-foot electric boat, the Voltari 400, by 2024. This expansion demonstrates Voltari’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of electric boating and meeting the growing demand for sustainable marine transportation.

In a surprising move, Heaps also mentioned the possibility of Voltari producing its own powertrains for sale, which is not a common practice in the boat industry. This ambitious plan reflects Voltari’s desire to control the entire manufacturing process and further innovate in the electric boat sector. As the company continues to grow, Heaps envisions the need for larger facilities, potentially combining their operations into a single, more extensive facility to accommodate their expanding production and meet their targets.

The electric boat market is projected to reach a value of $16.6 billion by 2031, according to ResearchAndMarkets. With their commitment to sustainability and cutting-edge technology, Voltari is paving the way for a future where electric boats become the norm, revolutionizing the way we explore and enjoy the open waters.

Voltari Electric Inc

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