The ultimate luxury off-grid living experience

Living Vehicle 2020 Model – USA

Living off the grid has never looked more stylish. Living Vehicle, the deluxe brand from southern California has redesigned their previous sustainable self-contained vehicle which can support endless adventures on a completely net zero, all-electric system. This mission comes from California-based Mathew and Joanna Hofmann, who aim to marry function and luxury with a green mindset.

This revamped model boasts unprecedented capabilities and has been engineered to be the highest-end luxury travel trailer available. Measuring 32 feet and 8 inches (9 meters), this structure incorporates a savvy design for tiny living, creating useful storage spaces and foldable furniture. Structurally, the trailer uses 100% aluminum to craft the chassis, frame, interior and exterior skin, subfloor, and cabinets. On the roof, solar panels serve as the primary energy source. Importantly, this design takes into account various weather conditions, with multiple redundant systems available to ensure uninterrupted operation in cloudy weather. The trailer also takes advantage of natural light, with multiple tinted windows for privacy and a floor-to-ceiling sliding window leading to the built-in patio, providing the exterior with a sleek look.

Sixteen inches off the ground, the trailer offers a living space that can double as a bed, a chef-style kitchen, a walk-in wooden shower and spa bathroom, and a private home theatre. The air conditioning system is designed to run completely off the grid, powered by a 58-volt nickel-manganese-cobalt lithium battery system, known for its reliable construction and durability. The conditioned space has a temperature range of 0 to 110 degrees F, allowing the vehicle to thrive in all four seasons. Storage is a fundamental aspect of the detailing, found in the three-leveled closet, built-in laundry system, and hidden storage above the living space and kitchen. The design blends white finishings with steel detailing in both the kitchen, storage spaces, and bathroom, creating the feeling of a high-rise apartment overlooking a cityscape. Despite this, the unit can travel wherever desired, presenting a new view every time.

At the core of this redesign is Living Vehicle’s dedication to creating vehicles that are self-sufficient and appeal to the nomadic future of travel accommodation. This model is best suited for off-roading capabilities, offering the most immersive experience with the amenities to make it liveable.

The Living Vehicle models are currently available for purchase and can be custom built from a collection of twenty option packages.

Living Vehicle

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