The ultimate modular camping trailer: customization meets adventure

Bobo – VanMe, Germany

VanMe, a German camper innovator, has recently introduced a modular camping trailer called the Bobo. This boxy cargo trailer offers an empty interior that can be customized with VanMe’s range of camping slides, boxes, and drawers. It also features tie-down tracks for mounting accessories and a top rack for carrying a rooftop tent or additional cargo. What sets the Bobo apart is its versatility – all components can be easily removed, allowing the trailer to be used for hauling cargo during the workweek.

The Bobo starts with an empty trailer weighing 873 lbs (396 kg) and equipped with off-road tires and step-on fenders. It features a swinging tailgate for easy loading and a hinged roof that can be lifted with gas struts to accommodate oversized cargo. The payload capacity of the Bobo is 1,323 lbs (600 kg). VanMe offers the basic trailer as a standalone product, with prices starting at €4,969 (approximately $5,300) for the 10.1-ft (3.1-m) base version and €7,049 ($7,500) for the 12.5-ft (3.8-m) XL model. This makes the Bobo suitable for various applications, including work, home improvement, and outdoor recreation.

To transform the Bobo into a fully-equipped camper, VanMe has developed five modules that fit into the interior like puzzle pieces. The first module is a slide-out kitchen box with a drop-down door on the passenger side of the trailer. This provides a long surface for outdoor cooking and includes deep storage space for pots, pans, appliances, dishware, spices, and utensils. The kitchen box features a rugged checker plate worktop for food preparation and cooking on a portable stove or grill.

Module #2 is stacked on top of the kitchen box and contains all the electrical hardware. This custom-built power block is based on a 100-Ah lithium battery and includes a Victron inverter/charger, a 20-A charging booster, shore power connection, electrical outlets, and gooseneck lighting. Accessible from outside the trailer via a hatch door above the kitchen, this module allows for convenient plugging in of kitchen appliances and tools.

Module #3, known as the “underground parking garage,” is a cage-like unit that mounts to the floor in front of the kitchen. It features a cargo slide designed to hold luggage, camping gear, or any other items that the owner wants to store. The upper part of the cage serves as a mounting point for attaching two upper slides, specifically modules 4 and 5 . The first top slide is designed to hold two 20-L water canisters, while the second is specifically designed for a 50-L fridge/freezer and a portable grill or storage box.

All five modules can be quickly secured to the trailer using the tie-down track on the floor and the tracks and hardware built into the modules themselves. This allows for easy removal and transformation of the trailer into an empty cargo-hauler whenever necessary. With all the modules installed, the interior of the Bobo becomes a functional camper garage with storage, cooking, and power capabilities.

For overnight accommodations, buyers can opt for the optional Airhome Maggiolina hardshell rooftop tent, which can be added to the roof rack. This tent provides an extra-long sleeping area measuring 51 x 91 inches (130 x 230 cm). Additionally, VanMe offers a deployable shower room with a dry separating toilet for those who desire a bathroom option.

The modularity of the Bobo sets it apart from similar trailers on the market. Its exterior features a tie-down track on the sidewall, which can be used to hold accessories such as a drop-down side table, cup/bottle holders, and Bluetooth speaker mounts. This track can also be utilized for carrying other accessories like traction boards, a shovel, or Rotopax canisters.

VanMe offers the smaller base Bobo camper with all five interior modules for a price of €11,999 ($12,775), while the XL version is priced at €13,499 ($14,375). The optional Maggiolina tent is available for an additional cost of €3,793. Other accessories offered by VanMe include a side awning for €389, a roof vent for €699, and a 200-W solar charging add-on for the electrical kit priced at €599.


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