The unveiling of Gelliceaux, Southern Wind’s hybrid masterpiece

Gelliceaux - Southern Wind - Farr Yacht Design - Nauta

Southern Wind’s latest creation, Gelliceaux, stands as a testament to the pinnacle of design and engineering in the realm of luxury sailing yachts. Crafted as a diesel-electric hybrid and spearheading Southern Wind’s SW108 Smart Custom series, Gelliceaux bears the marks of collaboration between industry giants, with naval architecture by Farr Yacht Design and design finesse by Nauta.
Gelliceaux’s exterior exudes dynamism and sophistication, characterized by sleek lines and a Z-shaped composite coaming reminiscent of a stylized lightning bolt. The yacht’s design reflects a seamless fusion of form and function, with careful consideration given to both aesthetics and performance.

Nauta Design, the creative force behind Gelliceaux’s interior, has curated a space that epitomizes tranquility and elegance. The color palette, fabric-lined walls, and contrasting wood veneers evoke a sense of Mediterranean-inspired sophistication, creating a serene onboard atmosphere.
One notable aspect of Gelliceaux’s interior design is the deliberate choice to have fixed furniture appear freestanding, enhancing the sense of openness and inviting ambiance. Innovative lighting solutions further enhance the onboard experience, combining practicality with ambiance to create a truly immersive environment.

Massimo Gino, co-founder of Nauta Design, provides insight into Gelliceaux’s design ethos, remarking on the yacht’s evolution within the Southern Wind GT series. He emphasizes the owners’ active involvement in the design process, highlighting a collaborative approach that marries vision with expertise.
Since its delivery in October 2024, Gelliceaux has embarked on an impressive voyage, traversing nearly 12,000 miles. Its maiden voyage, spanning 7,500 miles from Cape Town to Lanzarote, showcased the yacht’s bluewater capabilities, setting the stage for further adventures across the Atlantic to the Caribbean.
Gelliceaux’s journey serves as a testament to the enduring allure of seafaring and the boundless possibilities of naval architecture and design. As it charts new horizons, Gelliceaux stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence in luxury yacht craftsmanship.

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