Tiny House

The vertical tiny home redefining tiny living

HomeBox - Slawik Architects, Germany

German architectural studio Slawik has realized a creative solution for a compact and portable tiny home. The “HomeBox” prototype is built to fit snugly into a standard shipping container, allowing the home to be easily transported to different locations for short or more permanent periods of use. The tiny and cost effective home, is also a great solution for temporary emergency housing in times of displacement.
“The bearing construction is from wood and measures to fit into an international standard freight container,” says Slawik. “Therefore after the first use you can easily transport and re-use the HomeBox to other places around the world. There are many gap sites within cities which can be used for temporary small removable houses. Furthermore you can configure the modules to create a container village or even a container city.”

Stretching over three levels, the HomeBox structure stands out from other container homes, which we are used to seeing positioned in a horizontal direction. The upright direction allows the home to boast a tiny base footprint of just 7 sqm (75 sq ft), eliminating the need for larger plots of land while also having minimal impact on the existing nature. The base of the home measures approximately 2.9 m by 2.4 m (9.5 ft by 7.9 ft) and the end-result is a tower like home that takes advantage of the height and the surrounding treetop greenery.
Timber has been chosen as the primary material to build the home, with each of the three levels being spaced evenly across the the home’s height. To capitalize on the small interior space, the home also features a series of inbuilt furnishings such as the dining table, chairs, bed, staircases and window shutters. The ground floor features a creative entrance with a large wooden hatch that opens downwards and doubles as a floating outdoor terrace. The rest of the house features a compact kitchen and bathroom; master bedroom located on the second level; and finally the top level is dedicated to an open and light filled living and working space.

In an era where versatility and sustainability are paramount, Slawik’s innovative “HomeBox” prototype emerges as a shining example of compact, transportable housing solutions. Breaking free from conventional container home designs, this vertical marvel not only redefines our perceptions of space but also offers a glimpse into the future of adaptable living. Its snug fit within a standard shipping container paves the way for effortless relocation, making it an ideal candidate for both temporary housing and nomadic lifestyles. As we embrace the efficiency of timber construction and ingenious interior integration, the HomeBox stands as a testament to architectural creativity in addressing the ever-evolving needs of modern living. This towering testament to flexibility and sustainability reminds us that, even within the confines of compact spaces, innovation can flourish and harmony with nature can be achieved, one HomeBox at a time.


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