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Tiny house enthusiast converts 2002 Ford Iveco Cargo into perfect hideaway with hidden jacuzzi

Val – The Fat Pony Hideaway, Holsworthy, UK

In the realm of mobile living, British tiny house enthusiast Guy Williams shines as he transforms a 2002 Ford Iveco Cargo into the extraordinary home on wheels known as Val, a testament to his blend of practicality, creativity, and ingenuity. Departing from the conventional 9-5 routine, Williams embarked on a journey of exploration and craftsmanship, repurposing discarded vehicles into mobile sanctuaries.
Nestled in the serene countryside of Holsworthy, just 10 miles from the rugged north Devon coast in the UK, the Fat Pony hideaway serves as Val’s idyllic abode, offering guests a tranquil escape surrounded by lush landscapes and pristine lakes.

The Val mobile home, a 7.5-tonne C1 truck, epitomizes Williams’ resourcefulness and foresight. With meticulous planning and unwavering dedication, he transformed the truck into a comfortable and functional living space, seamlessly integrating it with the natural surroundings.

Central to the design ethos is the optimization of space without compromising functionality. Every inch of the truck is thoughtfully utilized to create a harmonious living environment, featuring a rustic kitchen unit crafted from reclaimed wood, a cozy living area adorned with soft furnishings, versatile bunk beds, a retractable king-size bed, modern appliances, a wood-burning stove, renewable energy sources, and an efficient heating system.

A standout feature of the mobile home is the concealed jacuzzi bath nestled beneath the living room floor. Through innovative engineering, twin sofas elegantly fold into the walls, unveiling the jacuzzi hidden beneath the floorboards. This space-saving design epitomizes Williams’ ingenuity, offering travelers a luxurious retreat amidst rugged landscapes to unwind and rejuvenate after a day’s adventure.

In a world marked by constant exploration, Val symbolizes boundless opportunities for those daring to venture beyond the ordinary. With its inventive design and timeless allure, Val beckons travelers to embark on a journey where the road becomes home, and every destination promises adventure.

Guests can book a stay in the Val mobile home, with prices starting from £125 per night, inviting them to experience the charm and comfort of life on the move.

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