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Tiny house meets forest treehouse living

Forest House - Hanoi, Vietnam

An ‘extremely poetic’ construction, Vietnamese architect Chu Van Dong’s Forest House is a temporary, tiny house offering accessible and low cost construction methods for those of you considering tiny living inside a tiny home.
Van Dong is a décor and furniture designer at Handyman. His goal is to “inspire temporary housing projects by its simple construction and low cost.” The Forest House is a small wooden box lying on a sloping hill. It sits above two slits, located amidst a vast forest landscape that is situated 30.6km (19miles) outside of Hanoi, Vietnam.

The tiny house measures just 12 square meters (129 sq ft) and its solid structure houses a reasonable, compact and fully facilitated interior. The tiny dwelling is suitable for two occupants. It comes complete with in-built furniture, a living zone, log fire, air conditioning and a separate toilet and basin. The sleeping quarters and desk are induced together, making the most of the compact space. A romantic outdoor tub is included, located behind the cabin amongst the lush forest setting.

Forest House was constructed using locally sourced, pine wood. It is supported by two steel pillars, positioned at the front of the house. Its simple design features a large floor-to-ceiling glass wall at the front of the house. Such a view showcases the surrounding woods – imagine reading a book as you watch it snow outside during the wintertime, what a comforting thought (unless you prefer summer, in which case imagine sipping a cocktail as you watch the wildlife around you).

Van Dong built the tiny house with an impressive total budget of US$3000. However, it is uncertain how long the construction period took. And, it must be noted, that the house does not have a mini kitchen or external water tank, something that, alongside solar roof panels, could permanently transform temporary living into a permanent residence for those of you seeking the tiny life.

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