Tiny House

Tiny treehouse in Portugal is a tranquil nature retreat

Columba Treehouse - Madeiguincho, Portugal

In the serene landscape of Melides, Portugal, a unique and harmonious structure stands tall, embodying the perfect blend of modern design and natural beauty. Named Columba, this 24 square meter treehouse was crafted by the skilled hands of Portugal builder Madeiguincho, nestled amidst two ancient Pine Trees in the backyard of a client with a vision for a peaceful retreat. The concept behind Columba was not just to create a building, but to coexist with the majestic trees, honoring their presence and enhancing the overall experience of living amongst nature.

The design of Columba reflects a deep respect for the environment, with a conscious effort to preserve the integrity of the two centenary Pine Trees that stand as guardians of the space. Rather than imposing on the trees, the structure was strategically placed in between them, creating a seamless integration with the natural surroundings. Like a silent observer in a play, Columba complements the trees without overshadowing their grandeur, allowing inhabitants to immerse themselves in the beauty of the setting.

Columba boasts a range of features that not only enhance its functionality but also add to its charm and appeal. The exterior showcases exquisite timber cladding, blending effortlessly with the natural elements of the landscape. The interior is thoughtfully designed, with a cozy bedroom offering a peaceful sanctuary for relaxation and rest. The exterior timber wooden shutters provide both privacy and ventilation, while a sliding door grants easy access to the outdoor terrace, allowing inhabitants to connect with the surrounding environment.

For those moments of quiet contemplation, built-in timber seating provides a comfortable spot to unwind, with hidden storage cleverly integrated within. Access to Columba is facilitated by timber stairs, leading to treetop cabin that offers a cozy retreat from the world below. The elevated bedroom loft can be reached via a charming timber ladder, adding a touch of adventure to the living experience within Columba.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal and functional design, Columba stands as a testament to the principles of sustainable living and harmonious cohabitation with nature. By preserving the existing trees and working around them, the project not only minimizes its environmental impact but also fosters a deeper connection with the natural world.


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