US Couple invent flat packed portable sofa that assembles instantly

Elephant In a Box - USA

Have you ever moved and questioned whether you hire a truck to move your couch, sell it or bin it, particularly if you are city-bound? Husband and wife team Mohamed Kamal and Reham Khalifa from the United States have a solution for you to save money, time and efficiency when looking for your first, or next, couch.

Elephant In a Box couch is a US brand creating a portable sofa that assembles and disassembles in less than three minutes using its unique honeycomb technology. After needing to relocate, Kamal and Khalifa were tired of having to either pay for a moving truck or buy a new couch. The couple set about to solve their problem, conducting market research interviews and surveys of the US, sofa market.

The couch is made of grey Egyptian cotton, soft and durable as you unwind from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and features an accordion like central core that allows the couch to open up an assemble in seconds. The unique honeycomb technology is a lightweight structure in the shape of hexagonal cells, which give its ability to fold and retain its original shape and withstand high bearing capacity. Such technology is used in aerospace manufacturing, jet aircrafts and automobile structures. The exterior of the couch is made up of engineered cellulose fiber sheets that see it stay in your home for up to 10 years.

It comes in one box with all pieces of the couch inside. It is environmentally friendly, no natural wood is used, is easy to construct with no nails required, it’s convenient sizing is excellent for space management, able to be stored in your closet when disassembled. The couch is fully foldable and portable, perfect for when you need to move.
It weighs nearly 45kg (99lb) when assembled, with dimensions of 222cm x 97.54cm 91.44cm (87.4in x 38.4in x 36in) LxWxD, when fully assembled, and 70cm x 98cm x 45.72cm (27.4in x 38.6in x 18in), when boxed. The assembled sofa can withstand up to 862kg (1900lb). All in all it is perfect for both small families and couples wanting to turn their living space into a home.

Elephant In a Box is currently available in USA, Canada, Germany, the UK and France, with the retail price around $1000, you can easily buy it from Amazon!

Elephant in a Box

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