VELLO Bike shines at Milan Design Week with cutting-edge folding and cargo bike

VELLO SUB – Milan Design Week 2024, Italy

Milan Design Week is renowned for its celebration of creativity and innovation, and this year, VELLO Bike is making waves with its groundbreaking urban mobility solutions. The Austria-based company is showcasing its latest product, the VELLO SUB, offering attendees a glimpse into the future of sustainable transportation.

The VELLO SUB is not just any cargo e-bike – it’s one of the lightest longtail cargo e-bikes on the market. Designed for urban commuters and eco-conscious consumers alike, the VELLO SUB combines cutting-edge technology with sleek design to create a truly revolutionary mode of transportation.

But VELLO Bike isn’t stopping there. Throughout Milan Design Week, the company will be hosting a series of events and exhibitions to showcase its innovative bicycle designs. From press days to bike tours, VELLO Bike is taking advantage of this prestigious platform to engage with industry professionals and design enthusiasts from around the world.

One of the highlights of VELLO Bike’s participation in Milan Design Week is the Austrian Design Night, where the company will have the opportunity to connect with industry influencers and potential partners. This networking event will provide a platform for VELLO Bike to share its vision for urban mobility and design innovation with a select audience.

In addition to showcasing its products, VELLO Bike is also using Milan Design Week as an opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of sustainable transportation. Through its partnership with UNHCR and the MADE51 initiative, VELLO Bike is supporting refugee artisans and promoting economic autonomy through craftsmanship.

“We are thrilled to be part of Milan Design Week and to showcase our innovative bicycle designs on such a prestigious stage,” says Valentin Vodev, Founder and Head of Design at VELLO Bike. “Our goal is to revolutionize urban mobility and promote sustainable transportation solutions that benefit both individuals and the environment.”

Technical sheet
Frame: Chrome-molybdenum steel (CroMo)/Double butted, heat-treated precision tubes or ultra-lightweight titanium frame with CNC machined titanium parts, (CroMo steel fork and rear triangle)
Color: CroMo frame: Anthracite or Titanium frame: brushed silver
Handlebar, grips: Foldable handlebar (VELLO BIKE design) and ergonomic grips
Saddle: Comfortable saddle Selle Royal, Matrix foam
Seat post: Satori Aluminium 30.9 mm x 500 mm (optional 600mm)
Stem riser: Fully adjustable (VELLO Bike design)
Gear lever: Shimano Deore Rapidfire (right). Optional: Schlumpf Drive gears in the bottom bracket.)
Gear system: VELLO 3-speed, Optional: 6-speed system in combination with Schlumpf Speed Drive (1:1.65) or Schlumpf Mountain Drive (2.5:1)
Tilt sensor: no (manual shifting)
Drive: Shimano HG54 Chain
Brake System: Maximum braking power with the low-maintenance hydraulic disc brake
Tires: CroMo-frame: 20’’ Schwalbe Marathon Original 40-406 or titanium frame: 20’’ Schwalbe Kojak 35-406
Meters of development: 
3-gears version: 12.4′ – 22.7′ (3.78m – 6.93m)
6-gears Speed Drive: 12.4′- 26.5′ (3.78m – 8.09m)
6-gears Mountain Drive: 5.05′ – 22.7′ (1.54m – 6.93m)
Pedals: Full aluminium folding pedal
Weight: 14.4 kg/31.7 lbs CroMo-frame, 13.4 kg/29.5 lbs titanium frame (approx., without pedals +/- 5%) + 900 gr/ 1.98 lbs for the variants with Speed Drive or Mountain Drive
Folded size: H: 57 cm x L: 79 cm x W: 29 cm, (H: 22 in x L: 31 in x W: 11 in)
Length unfolded: 155 cm (61 in)
Maximum permissible weight: 125 kg/276 lbs

Specifications electric motor
Zehus Drivetrain – Power: 250 W/ max. 40 Nm
Max. speed: 25 km/h max. with motor assistance and up to 40 km/h manually using the optional Schlumpf Speed Drive gear system
Battery life cycle: over 1,000 cycles
Range: up to 75 km (46.6 miles) in hybrid mode to theoretically unlimited range using the self-charging technology
Bluetooth 5.1 Smartphone connection using the free Bitride Connect app or by the optional wireless remote control, three sensors.
Integrated battery pack with smart BMS, 173 Wh
High-efficiency BLDC motor with regenerative braking and self-charging K.E.R.S-technology (Kinetic Energy Recovery System). By pedaling backwards, the motor switches to recuperation mode and starts braking – the energy generated by this recharges the battery
Motor-Battery-Sensors: ALL-IN-ONE Generation2 motor, no wires on the frame
Waterprotection IP Certification Rating Scale: IPX5
Motorweight: 3.2kg

With its commitment to innovation, sustainability, and design excellence, VELLO Bike is poised to make a lasting impact on the future of urban transportation. As Milan Design Week continues to evolve and inspire, VELLO Bike remains at the forefront of the movement towards a more sustainable and connected world.


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