Dutch cabin, Stay ANNA, wins Architizer A+ Awards project of the year

ANNA - Caspar Schols, Holland

Caspar Schols, the Dutch designer, has won the prestigious 2021 Architizer A+ Awards Project of the Year for his versatile wooden cabin, ANNA Stay.

Situated in the vibrant forest of Holenberg, ANNA Stay is a chapel-like cabin that can be split in two, allowing guests to cook, sleep, and relax under the Dutch sky.

“Cabin ANNA is a dynamic home in the shape of an open platform that allows you to live with the elements, by playing with the configuration of the layers of the house,” says Caspar Schols. “It’s like dressing yourself to suit different weather conditions, occasions, and moods.”

The cabin’s outer walls are supported on rails, which enable the house to be split in two. This unique structure allows the cabin to interact with its surroundings in a way that previous cabins have not been able to. On sunny days, guests can open up the cabin and enjoy the sunshine as they cook or read. If it rains, the cabin can be put back together, with all four walls protecting guests from the elements.

“With Cabin ANNA, the inside becomes outside again. Cabin ANNA inspires you through nature,” says Schols. “It’s a magical feeling to wake up with the morning melodies of the birds next to you, to feel a breeze gusting through the dining area, or even to sleep under the open sky. Thanks to its adaptability and changeability, Cabin ANNA allows you to follow your senses as it reflects the beautiful changes taking place outdoors. Cabin ANNA gives you the freedom to live passionately among an abundance of life. It cultivates a sense of belonging. You are part of everything around you.”

The warm color of the sustainable Siberian larch wood creates an inviting atmosphere in the cabin, blending perfectly with the Holenberg forest. The interior, made of light-colored birch plywood, adds openness to the otherwise compact space, which has a total area, including the terrace, of 55.4m2 (596.3ft2).

The cabin features a fully furnished kitchen with cleverly designed storage to save space, an indoor bathroom with a shower, two king-size beds, and central heating. A bathtub is integrated into the floor area of the main space. Once the guest has finished taking a relaxing bath under the Holenberg stars, they can pull back the floorboards and continue with their night.

For guests who wish to fully disconnect from the technologically dominant urban lifestyle, an off-the-grid option is available. This includes a fire-heated boiler, solar energy system, and water waste treatment system.

Just like the larch tree adapts to the changing seasons by shedding and growing its leaves, Stay ANNA works with not only the guests but also the environment. Visitors can fully immerse themselves in the Dutch forest and take time away from their busy lifestyles. There has never been an easier time to take a deep and fresh breath than when staying at Stay ANNA.

The Architizer A+ Awards puts a spotlight on the work of pioneering architects and designers. Its mission is to make architecture accessible to many and emphasize the importance of good design that will withstand the test of time.

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