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Tiny marvel: Czech architect lifts tiny living to new heights

The Zen House - Jan Tyrpekl, Austria

Czech Reppublic architectural firm, Jan Tyrpekl, has unveiled its latest tiny house project. Dubbed The Zen House, the tiny 30 sqm (322 sq ft) dwelling is elegantly perched above concrete pillars in the serene landscape of Hainburg an der Donau, Austria.
This architectural masterpiece harmoniously blends tiny design with nature, creating a tranquil setting for occupants seeking respite from urban chaos. Elevated approximately four meters (13 ft) above the ground, the meticulous design showcases the use sustainable materials, including glued laminated spruce timbers and CLT panels.

Zen House interior design is a testament to thoughtful design, featuring a seamlessly integrated bar, bed, and fireplace that fosters relaxation and introspection. Transition zones with opposing portals connect the interior to the terrace or orchard, enabling a smooth flow between the cozy living space and the expansive natural surroundings.
The living area, reminiscent of a bird’s nest, offers an intimate retreat elevated above the ground, providing 360-degree panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. The open-plan interior, adorned with polished timber floors, an open fireplace, a master bed, and a discreet kitchenette, complements the home’s connection to nature. Additionally, a spacious outdoor terrace, accessed via a timber staircase, serves as the main entry point.

While lacking cooking and bathroom facilities, Jan Tyrpekl has devised future design plans for Zen House, allowing for the addition of amenities like a sauna, shower, and toilet beneath the central hub, between existing pillars.

Overall, Zen House prioritizes the well-being of its occupants through intentional design rooted in biophilic principles. Recognizing the innate human desire for a bond with nature, the dwelling transforms into a refuge for serenity, reflection, and revitalization, meeting the contemporary demand for comprehensive well-being in the midst of a bustling world.

Jan Tyrpekl

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