SealVans unveils innovative amphibious caravans for land and sea adventures

SealVans Break The Limits - Turkey

SealVans, an innovative startup based in Turkey, has unveiled two revolutionary amphibious caravan models that seamlessly merge the functionalities of a boat and a traditional caravan. Following a successful prototyping phase last year, the company is now introducing these unique amphibious caravans versions to the market. The SealVans Break The Limits models, named Seal 4.20m and Seal 7.50m, offer a practical and unparalleled solution for adventurous families seeking to explore both land and sea.
The SealVans amphibious caravan is a testament to ingenuity, designed to effortlessly transition between land and water. It serves as a versatile land-based caravan, providing all the comforts of a mobile home, while also transforming into a fully functional boat for aquatic adventures. Unlike other amphibious vehicles, the SealVans requires no complex modifications or procedures to adapt to different terrains, making it an accessible and user-friendly option for explorers.

At the core of SealVans’ design philosophy is the aim to ensure seamless transportation on both land and water. “With SealVans, you can enjoy the comforts of home while embarking on your travel adventures,” emphasizes SealVans, the visionary behind the project. This luxury boat caravan is meticulously crafted to fulfill all your essential needs, providing a truly remarkable and convenient experience.
Durability and safety are paramount considerations in the design of the SealVans caravan. It is engineered to withstand the rigors of long journeys on diverse terrains, allowing users to confidently explore remote lakes and coastal areas. The robust construction ensures that the vehicle can handle the challenges of both land and water travel, providing peace of mind to adventurous families.

The SealVans models differ primarily in their dimensions and finishes, tailored to meet specific needs. The compact Seal 4.20m, weighing under 750 kg, is designed as an ideal companion for shorter trips. It serves as a versatile “second suitcase,” accommodating up to two adults comfortably.
In contrast, the Seal 7.50m is specifically designed to cater to family holidays. With the capacity to comfortably accommodate up to three adults or a family of two adults and two small children, it offers a spacious and inviting interior. On land, the Seal 7.50m resembles a conventional double axle caravan, but once on water, its modern design shines through with panoramic windows and a roof.

The interior of the amphibious caravan is thoughtfully designed and packed with space-saving features. The interior boasts a compact kitchen, bathroom with a shower, comfortable seating arrangements, hidden pop-up flat screen television, main interior lounge which converts into the main sleeping quarters, plus an optional extra single bed which is part of the second smaller dining area. The rear of the caravan features timber decking, providing extra outdoor space when parked on land, or an ideal diving deck when in the water. Furthermore, the exterior hides a foldable dining table, which doubles as a wheel cover when not in use.

Key specifications for the Seal 7.50m include:
Number of axles: 2
Tire size: 245/65/ R 17
Overall Length: 8900mm
Body Length: 7500mm
Overall width/Interior width: 2500/2465mm
Overall height/Roof height: 2700/2050mm
Maximum Gross Load: 2500 kg
Transport Capacity: 3000 kg
Galvanized Al-co chassis

Aside from its versatility and comfort, the Seal 7.50m also prioritizes sustainability. The lightweight construction of both models ensures improved maneuverability and reduced fuel consumption, contributing to a more environmentally friendly travel experience. Moreover, the integration of navigation controls enables passengers to navigate the water effortlessly, offering uninterrupted panoramic views through the windshield.
Power options for the Seal 7.50m include a 50 HP Honda outboard motor or an electric propulsion system, providing users with the flexibility to choose according to their preferences. With a maximum speed of 24 km/h, passengers can immerse themselves in the beauty of their surroundings and enjoy serene and tranquil family holidays on the water.


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