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Los Angeles’ innovative urban shade solution

A new improvement for urbania has been developed out of Los Angeles, California. This design isn’t for a specific house or project, it’s fit for any sidewalk, any park, or anywhere that could use some shade. Greenscreen has crafted a new twist to their standard 3D welded wire panels, this one being branded gsTree. If ever a modern tree existed, this would be it. Owned and operating in the US, Greenscreen aims towards greener, healthier design options that enrich a space and experiment with new technologies.

The gsTree is a free-standing unit that acts as a central column support, for plants to grow upwards. This is an all-inclusive unit, which elevates and spreads up to a series of panels, giving a tree-like shape from afar and up close. Rather than a homogenous genus of species, the gsTree can be created out of any plant, as it directs growth overhead. Meaning that, no two trees will look the same, which is another detail they share with their inspiration. Designed for easy installation, this is a pseudo-prefab product, will all parts being assembled on site.

This award-winning design, helps to define streetscapes by creating shade, privacy, and a touch of greenery to any hardscape areas. What distinguishes this product is the fact that it makes use of low-lying plants to create overhead shade. This idea means that plants can be recycled for use. This biophilic design, which is the design concept of increasing occupant connectivity to nature, either directly or indirectly, is nothing new for the modern urban planning design, but something as versatile as this is certainly unique.

gsTree is the winner of the 2021 Architizer A+Product Award for Best Conceptual Design. Designed and manufactured in California, it will be available for purchase this year.


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